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Nyokki Grass Pets

Posted by editor On February - 23 - 2009

Do you want pets that are super cute yet low maintenance? Pets that don’t shed hair, don’t need to be walked, and don’t need a vet. Meet Nyokki Grass Pets from www.Wrapables.com

Nyokki means grow in Japanese, and that’s exactly what these Nyokki Pets do! These little pet plants are adorable and original and they are hand made in Japan from glazed ceramic. They are shaped like eggs with fabric legs. Filled with a growing media and rye grass seeds, these Nyokki pets are easy to grow – seeds germinate and grass grows to full height in less than two weeks. You can style your Nyokki’s “hair” or cut it and watch it grow again! Comes as a set of two matching Nyokki pets. Choose from Monkey, Chickee, Froggie, Piglet, Kitty and Bear.

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Tea cup breed of Yorkies (Yorkshire Terrier) and Maltese

Posted by editor On August - 19 - 2008

These puppies are so adorable, I found them in puppiesforsalebynet.com while checking around for tea cup sizes pet. I spent hours looking into this site, amazed by most of the pictures of these little adorable creatures. Well too bad they’re only pictures, I kind of question if this tiny tea cup will actually ever exist as an adult size tea cup creatures any how this site called superstarpuppies.com give a good measuring guides and discussions regarding the issue.

IMG 9227

IMG 9212

I think puppiesforsalebynet.com is an amazing place if you’re looking for getting a tiny-size or tea cup sizes doggy (they have other breed not just yorkies) but the bad part is their price which is ranging from couple thousands to around five thousands for each, extremely pricey…
and just incase you are wondering to take a look at different place try to check it here.

IMG 0840

staryorkie.com also provide tea-cup sizes =)
and bellow is the maltese tea cup, they’re adorable too

IMG 8328

IMG 9560

Oh I want to visit their boutique (puppiesforsalebynet.com) too bad they’re all the way in Florida!
wouldn’t it be nice to stroll to their boutique if you can’t own them? And another site that collect the tiny tea cup yorkies >> tinyteacuppuppiesforsale.com


chocholate burger snack

whoooha,… found this very cute snack – made in Japan, from foodbuzz.com.

Everyburger is a Japanese chocolate treat consisting of tiny replica cheeseburgers made with chocolate and cookies. Each little chocolate burger is topped with a dab of white chocolate “cheese” and sandwiched in a crunchy cookie “bun.” It’s the most chocolaty fun you can have for two bucks

What a smart idea escpecially for chocolate lovers! They’re so cute too, look it’s just a size of a penny. I am wondering why each cost two bucks, I think that’s a bit pricey, don’t you?



Other Interesting Facts about Ladybugs

Posted by editor On May - 21 - 2008

ladybug IMG 3446

When I think of ladybugs, they’re not only cute but very colorful to me especially against the green background be it leave or lawn. I’ve heard that ladybugs attracted to light colors and if you don’t really like ladybugs you can use dry white sage, this is sort of the natural cheap and cheery way for ladybug repellent.

More interesting facts on ladybug:

  • In the past, doctors would mash ladybugs and put them in your mouth to cure a toothache
  • In Switzerland, ladybugs are called “good God’s little fairy.”
  • You can fit 80,000 ladybugs into a gallon jug
  • Male ladybugs are smaller than female ladybugs
  • Ladybugs are the official state insect of Delaware, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Ohio and Tennessee
  • They can live for as many as three years
  • A ladybug beats its wings 85 times per second when it flies
  • Their spots fade as they get older
  • The spotted wing covers on ladybugs are made from a material called chitin, the same as our fingernails
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    Hermes – Craft your own Kelly bag

    Posted by editor On May - 13 - 2008

    hermes kellyI didn’t know Hermes has a cute side to it. I can finally afford to have my own kelly bag te-hee, although it is not made of a real leather it’s a very cute paper bag. It certainly worth the time to make it, cuz it’s an enjoyment! More about it in purseblog.com.com, thank you vlad for the info. Give it a try for yourself at Hermes US.




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