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What can you do to improve the bathroom, really? Especially if it is a guest bathroom we’re talking about here. Well there’s this lovely idea from wrapables.com that let you have a little unsual sweet flare for your guests.

I am having my mother-in-law coming for a visit this week-end and I just want to have a nice touch for a welcoming guest sort-of-thing, and love this small towelette idea.

The Cupcake Towels comes in set of 2! Priced at $9.95, it includes one Strawberry and one Cherry “cupcake.” The Strawberry features a fluffy vanilla washcloth curled up to look like a delicious cupcake, with a fresh looking strawberry magnet on top. The Cherry features a chocolate washcloth with a pair of plastic cherry magnets on top. Each “cupcake” is wrapped around with designer-print bakery paper. Washcloths made of cotton and measure 13.4″ x 13.8″.

Source: wrapables.com


Sprinkles Cupcakes defining design with cupcakes

Posted by editor On February - 19 - 2009

Oh la la great cupcakes finally available for bay area dwellers! Sprinkles Cupcakes just open another store in Standford Mall, Palo Alto. Sprinkles offers greatly designed, nicely presentable as well as great tasting cupcakes.

I just love looking at these cutely made cupcakes. Throughout the week the store will offer different flavors and styles. Also during special occasions such as valentine’s, mother’s day, etc it will have a special design.

Here are pictures from sprinklescupcakes.com, come have a little flavor of it:

You might even consider Sprinkles for your special occasion, such as giving a favor on a baby shower, having a tower of cupcakes for a birthday cake, or even for another special moment in your life.

sources: sprinklescupcakes.com
tip: the yelpers said the red velvet is the delicious one!



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