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Cook healthier, without using Teflon or non-stick pans

Posted by editor On August - 8 - 2008

After doing some research on Teflon non-stick cooking pans and equipments, I have decided to change to Cast Iron cooking pans.

Why spend so much money on “Copper” or “Three-ply” cooking equipment that is heavily advertised with professional chefs, as those pans use “aluminum” and “copper” which may not be good for human?

Instead just get a plain “cast iron” pan without the enamel, paints, or any other additions – I got mine for $30.00 .


Why Cast Iron pans?

  • Teflon-coated aluminum contains perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), a synthetic chemical used in its production, creating its soap-like slipperiness and non-stick finish. PFOA has become very controversial because of health dangers linked to it.
  • In a laboratory and anecdotal experiences, vapor from Teflon-pan exposed to high heat produces vapor that kill birds instantly in vicinity.
  • Aluminium cooking pans are also not recommended, because of the link between aluminium and Alzheimer’s desease. Aluminum is a strongly suspected causal factor in Alzheimer’s disease (AD)

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