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How To Feed Vegetables To Your Kids (without struggle)

Posted by Smurfette On February - 17 - 2009

As a mother of two, I always try my best to feed my kids healthy food. However, kids and healthy food often don’t mix. It seems like they hate each other. Every meal time is always a battle. Until recently, I was at Borders with a girlfriend, browsing the bargain books. My girlfriend picked up this book called “Deceptively Delicious” and told me that the book was featured in Oprah. It looked interesting and it was a bargain, so I bought it.

The trick that is used in the book is mixing vegetables/fruits puree in dishes that kids like. So far, I tried the mac and cheese, chocolate cupcakes, meatloaf, green eggs and hot cocoa. My son’s favorite is the green eggs, because he read Dr. Seuss’ book “Green eggs and ham”. FYI, my son hates spinach but when I mixed it with eggs, he ate it like was his favorite food. Magic!

After trying some of the recipes, I figure that I can mix pretty much anything as long as the color still look the same and the taste is still familiar. I still serve regular vegetables at meal time to establish healthy eating habit for my children.



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