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The cloudiest or sunniest city in America?

Posted by editor On May - 20 - 2008

Okay, I live in San Francisco (in the San Francisco Bay Area) which has some of the best (read: mildest) weather in U.S.A. The weather is generally mild, around here. Bay area is home to some of the most diverse micro climates around though. Yesterday the weather was so sunny, and the temperatures was in the 90s F and this afternoon it gets so foggy around here.

San Francisco specifically can get very foggy during the summer. See these 2 pictures courtesy of Wikipedia and you’ll see the difference.

San Francisco – Nice day:

Golden Gate Sunny day

San Francisco – Foggy day:

Now, what is the cloudiest city in America.

Apparently after I downloaded the data from Weather Facts, and doing some simple Excel Sorting, I found that “Cold Bay, AK” is the cloudiest city in America with 304 cloudy days a year (365 days).

I found that my city, San Francisco, has 105 cloudy days per year (365 days).

The sunniest city in USA: Yuma, AZ (did you see 3:10 to Yuma yet? )

Link (Wikipedia), Link (WeatherFacts) , Cold bay (AK)



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