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The view of Lijiang Old town at night from Wang Gu Lou.
The world famous Old Town of Lijiang is located in Lijiang City. It is a UNESCO Heritage Site. I went here a couple years ago and still remembered this place as a really beautiful and serene place which sometimes remind me of a romantic ancient Chinese story. I love the weeping willows surrounding the paved stone walk way within the city. It’s truly is a beautiful place for a different kind of romance travelers.

Lijiang Old town viewed at night

Lijiang Old town in the morning

the UNESCO heritage site monument

Need more info about Lijiang and its history?

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If you do like scenic travel and a little bit of a hiking fan then JIUZHAIGUO VALLEY (Nine Valley / Nine Villages / Valley of Nine Villages) might be a must visit place for you.

Jui Zhai Guo, located in Sichuan is now listed by UNESCO as a world heritage site. It is so very beautiful, like a paradise exist on this earth. The scenery will varies depending upon which season of your visit. During Spring you might seen tremendous spread of greenery and some colors from blooming flowers. In summer the tranquil lakes and azure mountains. Autum, which in my opinion would be the best season to visit, will give you a vast of beauty with golden, green and red colored trees spread across the mountain and above the crystal clear lake. and in Winter you will see the white glacial, snow covered mountain and a clear somewhat frozen lake.

There are so many beautiful sites to visit there, here’s a map of the area from travelchinaguide.com:





Jiu Zhai Guo huanglong






Jiu Zhai Guo 048





Jiu Zhai Guo 082

I remembered there’s this beautiful hotel called the Jui Zhai Paradize International Hotel when I went there (now it is called the Jiu Zhai Inter-Continental Hotel) It’s a huge hotel and it’s architecturally and interiorically beautiful.
here’s some pictures of the hotel:






Go here for more explanation and travel guide.
sources of pictures:
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Summer 2008 Olympic Gardens in Beijing, China

Posted by editor On August - 7 - 2008

Enjoy this view of manicured gardens that are prepare solely to celebrate the 2008 summer Olympic event in Beijing, China. What an amazing landscape greetings, aren’t they really promote the Olympic spirit?

This is the one that depicts athletes and spirit of competition.

What an idea? Amazing cut-out with lots of people, a globe and a map image.


Look at the incorporation of waterfall into the landscape, how pretty.

Ofcourse you have to have the symbol where Olympic originates after all!

Is this Zeus as in the famous Greek mythology? WOW they’re really into the origin.

Such a peaceful and serene view =)

This is amazing, don’t you think? Those vegetation really floats up there.

Oh my my, how long will it take to crave that whole mountain?

I would want to have this romantic bridge for myself too, would be a cool photography spot!

This is so cute, reminds me of the art of KUNG-FU


So, Welcome to the Summer 2008 Olympic in Beijing, China. Let’s get it started!

Thanks to this site who provide all above pictures. Please visit the site for more pictures.



caption read: The Olympic Green in Beijing in seen in this satelite image collected by DigitalGlobe on May 25, 2008 and released to Reuters July 18, 2008. The National Stadium (center), also known as the Bird’s Nest, the National Aquatics Center (lower center), also known as the Water Cube, and the Olympic Sports Center Stadium (top right) are seen. (REUTERS/DigitalGlobe/Handcut)


caption read: The moon rises over the new National Theater in Beijing Wednesday July 16, 2008. The glass and titanium dome, nickname “The Egg” is one of a series of landmarks, notable for their futuristic design, that will greet visitors to the Olympics. (AP Photo/Greg Baker)


caption read: This picture taken on July 18, 2008 shows the Shatin Olympic Equestrian Venue in Hong Kong. The southern Chinese city has built state-of-the-art facilities for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games after the equestrian events were switched from Beijing because of fears of disease. (PHILIPPE LOPEZ/AFP/Getty Images)

The Olympic is set to start on August 8th, 2008 in Beijing, China. Now a little bit about what most said about China’s preparation:

With a price tag of $43 billion, the Summer Games that will open Aug. 8 in Beijing are the most expensive in Olympic history. The transformation, however, goes far beyond the eye-popping architecture. The Chinese government also has been trying to create a new, improved population to go along with its spiffed-up capital city.

source: LA times.com “Beijing goes to extremes for its Olympic face-lift”


caption read: Workers transport flowers to plant in the lake in front of the National Stadium, also known as the Bird’s Nest, in Beijing July 19, 2008. The International Olympic Commitee recently praised Beijing for setting a “gold standard for the future” in its preparations for the Games, which begins in less than a month. (REUTERS/Reinhard Krause)


caption read: A view of cooling towers at the Shougang Group steel plant on the outskirts of Beijing July 17, 2008. The head of Shougang Grop on Thursday smiled with satisfaction over this week’s four days of blue skies, even as smoke and steam still wreathed his steel plant less than a month before the Olympics. Beijing has ordered polluting plants in the capital city and surrounding provinces to either shut or meet emission standards, to reduce air pollution during the Olympic Games that begin on August 8. (REUTERS/Darren Whiteside)

And what about that air pollution issue that everyone make a bigg fuss about it, do they really worry of having to deliver a good air quality. Well here’s what their plan – I think they kinda take it very seriously!

With Beijing struggling to clear polluted skies before the Olympics in August, the nearby industrial port of Tianjin has ordered 40 factories to suspend some operations for two months as part of a broader effort to improve air quality during the Games, state news media reported.

The planned shutdowns in Tianjin, about 70 miles east of Beijing, are one piece of a regional plan that is expected to result in temporary factory closings or slowdowns across a large swath of northern China during the Games. Few details are known about which factories might close or when, so the announcement in Tianjin offers a window into one piece of the plan.

Beijing’s air quality remains a major concern for the Games as the city continues to struggle with pollution, despite a $20 billion government cleanup campaign. Beijing is also a victim of its neighborhood: pollution blows in from surrounding regions that are dotted with coal mines, coal-fired power plants, steel mills, cement factories and other clusters of heavy industry.

I trully wonder about the economy of it, wouldn’t factor owners have to say a little bit about this decision?
read more of the above quote in: The New York Times article “Cities Near Beijing Close Factories to Improve Air for Olympics.”

Other preparations include transportation, security, welcoming and greeting performances, news/broadcastings and cleanliness.
China has prepare a new bullettrain which is scheduled to start service on August 1. The train has set a speed record in China of 394.3 kilo meter per hour on the 115 kilo meter newly-built railway.






All pictures and pictures’ captions are made possible from boston.com from the article “Beijing 2008 perparations – Three Weeks to Go” by Alan Taylor. I do encourage readers to visit this article because they do have pictures in bigger resolutions, more pictures and more info.

for more info read:
Beijing 2008 Games’ Official Site
NY times.com “Olympic Games (2008)”



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