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Not double double burger or triple triple burger anymore but hundred hundred, how do you like that?
It’s not in the menu but someone actually did order it, cost $97.66 with a total calories of 19490. Here’s the proof of receipt:

and here’s what the 100 x 100 burger looks like:

here’s the close up:

For more pictures and interesting facts please visit here.
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In And Out Burger Secret Menu

Posted by Smurfette On March - 13 - 2009

Image from In N out

I was stumbling online and found an article about “Secret In And Out Burger” Menu.  Apparently, there are a lot of different ways you can customized your burger, fries and shake.  I never knew that, even though we live very close to an In N Out :P.  I have never tried ordering these secret menu yet, but I will soon.

Burger “secret menu”


Additional Burger “secret menu”

The Flying Dutchman : two meat patties two slices of cheese no bun
Note: other condiments (including lettuce, tomato, spread, and onions) are not included unless you request them.

Fries “secret menu”

Animal Style Fries : fries with cheese, spread, grilled onions and pickles
Well-Done Fries : extra crispy fries
Light Fries : opposite of fries well-done
Cheese Fries : fries with one or two slices of melted cheese.
Fries no-salt : fries with no salt added to them.
Lemon fries : you can make your own lemon fries—just grab a lemon slice from next to the ice tea machine, and squeeze it on your fries. It really livens things up.

Shake “secret menu”

Neapolitan Shake : a mixed of strawberry, vanilla and chocolate.
A root beer float : made of half vanilla shake and half root beer soda.

Side Items (these items are free)
Spread : tastes good with fries.
Pre-packaged jalapenos : you can add this into your burger, it really spice things up.
Lemonade : take your water cup, squeeze several free lemon wedges in, add a few free packets of sugar, stir well to blend.




takumi judan

How do you like to try a taste 10 layers burger called the Takumi Burger from Mos Burger? I myself so eager to try it, too bad they’re not available in the US. MOS burger mainly available throughout Asia many found in Japan, Taiwan, Hongkong and Singapore. So don’t miss on if you happen to have to transit via Singapore.

¥1,000/US$8.74. Limited to 40 servings per day. Takumi Judan roughly translated is “ingenius flavor in ten sections” (or something like that, you Japanese speakers feel free to correct me). Ten layers of goodness (bun, special sauce, egg, bacon, [beef] pattie, ketchup, onion slices, tomatoes, lettuce, mayonaise).

MADE IN WEST COAST USA the always freshly-made IN-N-OUT BURGER

in n out

The shape and size being almost the same between MOS and in-n-out (quite smaller than that of Burger King / BK Burger) they both has a very satisfying taste. I guess both will give me alllmooosstt the same satisfaction, this is quite hard to say though. So what do you think? Anyway I consider in-n-out to be in my “good available burger out there/favorite list” I love the fresh taste of it, and if you don’t like the fresh onion cuz it’s to spicy just call out for WHOLE GRILL ONION or GRILL ONION (for this they’re gonna give you the chopped sauteed version of the onion)


shake shack

need to read why this is awsome, here’s a comparison from yusheng:

In-N-Out’s bun (well toasted, just like the Shake Shack) is bigger and the burger comes with more lettuce, but the beef patty is much thinner and is basically nuked. So the whole meat to bun/lettuce/tomato ratio is way off. Shake Shack’s beef patty is more than twice as thick and you can tell it’s made from superior beef.

The Shake Shack bun is smaller and softer and comes with a single fresh crunchy slice of lettuce (both In-N-Out and Shake Shack come with a single slice of tomato). Smaller bun+less lettuce+much bigger beef patty = a vastly superior meat-to-bun/lettuce/tomato ratio.
The Shack Burger is twice as much at $3.95 but it’s worth every penny. I think it’s more than twice as good.

Well I think it’s worth a try, right? Especially when you’re not an east coast dwellers then it make all arguments right to have that one time try.
It’s located at Madison Avenue and 23rd Street. Also they’re opening a new one in the Upper West Side at 77th and Columbus Ave sometime in late 2008.

link1, link2.


chocholate burger snack

whoooha,… found this very cute snack – made in Japan, from foodbuzz.com.

Everyburger is a Japanese chocolate treat consisting of tiny replica cheeseburgers made with chocolate and cookies. Each little chocolate burger is topped with a dab of white chocolate “cheese” and sandwiched in a crunchy cookie “bun.” It’s the most chocolaty fun you can have for two bucks

What a smart idea escpecially for chocolate lovers! They’re so cute too, look it’s just a size of a penny. I am wondering why each cost two bucks, I think that’s a bit pricey, don’t you?




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