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Trendy chemical tube glass vase and bubble glass vase

Posted by editor On July - 6 - 2008

CB2 a new and trendier store line from Crate and barrel aim toward younger generation market. The store carries interesting accessories for home such as these bubble glass vases and tube vases. These are cute! CB2 is coming to San Francisco soon, it will open to public in July 31st 2008 – I can’t wait to see it. For now if you want to find more item you can browse online at CB2.com.


I tend to stay away from steel cuz it has that sort of new-age, industrial look and cold feeling for home and backyard decor. But actually it’s not that bad, it has that minimalism and sleek design approach and some actually still pretty homey like the steel butterfly, the bird-feeder and especially the floating votives bubble glass clear I’m lovin it =) check out why you should steeling your home.

The question is, why wouldn’t you want to add some metal to your petals and do a little “hardscaping” before the season’s in full swing and you haven’t the time, nor as many choices, to pepper your patio with the pretty and the practical (not always mutually exclusive, as you shall soon see!):

A dining set perfect for tete-a-tetes. A contemporary communal fire pit. Sophisticated seating for your guests. Whimsical garden decorations, including floating votives and bilevel bird feeders, magnificent mobiles and I’ve-died-and-gone-to-Coral-Gables sculpture.

Some of the pieces mentioned are made from stainless steel that just won’t rust. (By the most canny of coincidences, I just discovered how rust-on-stainless is chemically impossible in a display next to the Deco darling of a choo-choo, the California Zephyr, at the Museum of Science and Industry.) Others are designed in regular steel, the most recycled metal EVER. Did you know that every year, North Americans recycle more steel (a lot of its in the 100 million steel cans Americans use every day) than aluminum, plastic, glass and paper combined? And speaking of aluminum, did you know that it is not only durable, but highly sustainable? Yes! Over two-thirds of all the aluminum ever produced is in use today, including the half of all aluminum cans [113,204 a minute—you do the math!] that are recycled. Learn much more at earth911.org

source (thanks Cindy)



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