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Amazing Designer Light Installations

Posted by editor On June - 24 - 2013

The above installation entitled CLOUD was conceived by a Calgary artist Caitlind Brown, her project was made from six thousand light bulbs along with its string switch cascading down engaging viewers to participate by pulling each string to turn on and off the light bulb. This installation was part of the nuit blanche all-night contemporary arts festival in Calgary, Canada.

Above is the most romantic lighting display, creating an ethereal experience for one walking through this massive light shower structure. The light installation by Bruce Munro in the Salisbury Cathedral was completed in 2010,  with over 600 installers 2000 strands of fiber optic cable with a teardrop diffuser at the end, this lighting installation showcase beautiful rain drop of stars. Sadly the viewing only last from 29 November 2010 until 27 February 2011.

What a fantasy world, the above lighting display reminds me of AVATAR. Close to nature setting, the lighting installation was by Bruce Munro for Eden Project in Cornwall, England. Sadly the lighting display has recently closed (March 2013). The installation was comprised of 6,000 acrylic stems with fiber optic cables that represent light flowers or seeds that “blossom” at night.



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