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Benefits of Sugar Body Scrubs

Posted by Smurfette On March - 23 - 2009

Sugar is not just for cooking and baking, it can also be used for your skincare.

Here are some of the benefits of sugar body scrubs:

1. It can helps skin glow naturally because of its fine texture.
2. It won’t clog your pores, preventing you from having icky breakouts.
3. It acts as natural exfoliator that is better than using chemical based products. Despite its grainy feel, sugar in a scrub is gentle enough to be used on the skin and protects against the loss of moisture.
4. Eliminate blemishes and restore balance to the skin’s natural oils.
5. It is really inexpensive

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The best part is you can make this at home, easily! All you need to do is combine all these ingredients:
1 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
2 tablespoons honey

Mix well and put it in a glass jar with lid.

You can use the sugar scrub in the shower but you have to becareful because your shower floor might get slippery from it.


A simple sweet breakfast – Modified Eggo®

Posted by editor On May - 23 - 2008

cookedinpan cooked01

In a rush? but still need to to serve a sweet breakfast for the family?Don’t worry I recently run into such a thing, and I did this modified eggo® recipe myself, it taste good it looks homemade and it’s fast, give it a try:

1.5 Tbs Block Butter
2.0 Tbs Brown Sugar
1 Golden Delicious Apple or Fuji Apple, skinned & cubbed
1 rice cup of Frozen Bluberrys
4 pieces of Eggo® waffle

  1. Toss the butter block into a frying pan (medium heat), add the brown sugar till all submerge in butter liquid then toss all the cubbed apples in and about three minutes later you can toss in the frozen bluberrys. Keep on stirring for about 1 – 2 minutes then take off the heat.
  2. Toss two eggos in a toaster, put 1st layer down on a serving plate and spoon the apple bluberry mixture on top of it and layer it again with another Eggo® waffle and toss another spoonful of that mixture on top of it. now just Enjoy it!

This recipe made 2 big servings (each get 2 waffles) or you can make 4 small ones (each serve with only 1 waffles)

cooked03 cooked05 cooked04



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