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Best Portable Water Filter Purification System

Posted by editor On June - 4 - 2013

Recently I need to relocate due to job, so I’m currently renting. Of course nothing like owning your own place where you can practically instal reverse osmosis, water softener and carbon filter for the whole house or just for the typical small little faucet on the kitchen, of course this involved drilling the counter top. So since I can’t have my customize installation of the water filtration system, first thing first I went to a supermarket and grab a 1.5L Brita pitcher.

Then after I did my homework and try to dig in further for world’s best portable water filter I run into this Berkey filter. It’s commercialized more as a survival tool, the red-cross use it, army and such a kind, because it can filter water from non-drinkable source such as swamp, lake, etc and turn it into a pure drinkable water.

If you are living in the area where clean water access is not a problem, and tap water is acceptable for direct consumption,  then maybe filtering water is not something that comes to mind right away. Although that’s the case, I notice a different especially when showering in non filtered vs filtered water, my facial skin is much better and I never get dry skin with filter water even during winter season. So I figure it must be best to always filter the drinking water. I am also safety freak, especially because I am a nursing mother now.

I used to drink bottled water every time, thinking not only it’s convenient but believe it is cleaner. A while back I watched a documentary on our water called tapped, this shocked me on how poorly bottled water regulates and it contains high level of harmful and toxic materials that we can’t see. Tapped also mentioned that drinking tap water is better because the municipality usually regulate that stricter than bottled water. However if you dig into it further they only regulates so much and in some countries fluoride is still roaming free in your drinkable tap water. Well if you think fluoride is great for your child’s teeth like all dentists recommend to parents to make sure they give their little ones fluoride until the age of four because that is what helping the development of strong teeth. Then try to read this paragraph quoted from huffingtonpost.com:

Even more disturbing, there was a study done in China on children with fluorosis, and the findings were that children with the affliction had, in overall terms, lower IQ scores. These findings were echoed in an American study that came to the same findings using animals: The study concluded that fluoride would accumulate in specific areas of the brain, which then affected the ability to learn. This does not constitute irrefutable proof, but it does make one think.

Putting fluoride aside, there are other concerns with our drinking water is too pure hence we’re not getting enough mineral we need anymore. Sally Falon from Weston Price foundation suggested to put salt into our drinking water so we can get enough minerals that we need. Of course you need to make sure you’re using pure salt (unprocessed salt). I think it’s a bit bothersome so I try to just use more salt in my cooking to get even. But when I read about Berkey water filtration system only eliminates harmful substances, virus and bacteria, etc but not the useful mineral that the body needs from the water, then I am very much interested in replacing my Brita pitcher with one of that.

That was exactly what I did and I got mine already, and did blind water testing taste of course Berkey won my taste bud as suppose to Brita. Pretty hard to tell the difference but yes there’s a different and Berkey water taste better. Anyhow this blog post summarize why he loved his Berkey, you can read all about it here.

Here’s a couple shot of my Berkey:



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