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Celery Diet

Posted by editor On June - 13 - 2008

I’m digging more info on celery diet due to that confusing part of celery on my celebrity diet post last time which is commented by chikwendu. Some people refer to taking celery as giving you negative calories intake. Here’s more information on celery diet, whether you should go ahead on doing it or not, read more and find out:

Something you shouldn’t go on. Celery has next to no nutritional value… people eat celery because they actually get “negative” calories. Celery itself doesn’t contain many calories, and in the process of chewing the celery, you actually burn off more calories than you take in. If you’re thinking about dieting, diet sensibly with proportion control and adequate cardio.

The reason a celery diet works is because celery does not give you any nutrition but by digesting it you burn calories so you could call it a workout with out pain.

more to read:

Celery is much more than a traditional summer salad ingredient. Available throughout the year, a little research on celery shows this versatile vegetable has very real health benefits and is worth adding to your weekly diet.

Research has shown that celery contains blood pressure reducing properties. Celery contains active compounds called Pthalides which relax the muscles of the arteries that regulate blood pressure allowing these vessels to dilate. Pthalides also reduce stress hormones which can cause blood vessels to constrict.

Celery is an excellent source of Vitamin C with all its health benefits. Vitamin C can help to reduce cold symptoms or the severity of cold symptoms during the winter months. This important Vitamin helps to support the immune system and is a cold fighter!

Celery also provides fibre (see High Fibre Diet), and essential minerals such as Folacin and Potassium.

Nor surprising then that Celery has a long history of use, first as a medicine and then later as a food.

Celery can obviously be eaten on its own but is also a tasty addition to many cooked dishes: stir fry dishes, soups, stews and casseroles.

Nutritional Information from the WLR database
Celery, Raw, Average
1 Med Stalk/40g

Calories 3.1
Protein 0.3
Carbs 0.4
Fat 0.1
Fibre 0.6
Fruit/Veg 0.5

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Invisible Pads

Posted by editor On May - 13 - 2008

intimissimi gel pad
Not every woman will enjoy the benefit of using corset for a body enchancement. We all know it works well but for most women it’s a pain stalking thing so I found out that they only wearing it for a party or to a very special occasion. This is because, yes we all know, IT IS SO TIGHT!!! Often we’ll hear things like “can’t breath right, can’t even take in any food.” Why women have to go through this to just be able to look good? No we’re not THAT pitiful as to scrunch into a corset every so often, cuz thesee days there are so many good available options like push-up bras and nu-bra (those with silicon filling and stick to your breasts sometimes it can bring your breasts down instead of lifting it up, although it can create a cleavage, and that’s not the look you want – believe me). It’s just that sometimes these stuff just doesn’t give that perfect exposure you want as what corset did. So if looking for a perfect push-up bra that will suit you perfectly seems impossible than I think intimissimi gel pad might just be the option. I tried it in a bra that doesn’t have that pocket fitting, it works perfectly and look just so fine.



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