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Remember The Hanging Gardens of Babylon? It is said to be one among the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. When I took an art history class in my college years, I used to be amazed at these pictures of Hanging Garden and it’s been my dream to be able see this fable garden render in reality.


500px-Hanging Gardens of Babylon

babylon gardenA


hanging gardensx

Well not too long ago I discover a boutique resort rests in Bali by the name of UBUD HANGING GARDEN. Well since the name has a special attachment to me personally, I decided to hit this place for a pre honeymoon get-away. To my suprised, it is such an amazing spot to be, I have a high recomendation for this boutique hotel.

At that time it is just 6 months after opening, so it’s fairly new and other than the access road to reach this hidden treasure I have no other complain. The access road was still a dirt road at that time, but now it’s a fully paved/asphalt road.

Here’re some of the resort’s pictures:

hanging garden 01
Yes you need that heated pool to enjoy the stary clear night and the view of the green foresty valley with the beautifully crafted Hindu temple accross (note: you can only see the temple clearly if you get the panoramic deluxe pool villa)

pubu 524x250 view01

hanging garden 09
That’s the temple, at night it will be wash with soft yellow glow, it’s very pretty.

hanging garden 10
This is the view of the suite from the outside.

hanging garden 02
pubu 524x250 sui villa1

hanging garden 11
And this is what it looks like from the inside.

hanging garden 12
I really do enjoy their open air bathroom, btw the temperature is about 29 degree celcius all year round, so it wouldn’t be a problem to take an open shower.

hanging garden 03

pubu 524x250 pool03

hanging garden 04
pubu 524x250 pool05
Oh their infinity pool, it is the pool with that right view of the lush tropical forest you’ve always want to see and experience.

hanging garden 05
hanging garden 08 pubu 250 stairs01
And yes, I love to play this funicular, cuz it’s just romantic, especially to ride this during the night to the library room, where everything is lit in a soft candelight ambiance lighting.
hanging garden 06

hanging garden 07

For those curious this is their floor plan for a typical bungalow:

pubu 524x492 deluxe pool villa

The rate for Ubud Hanging Gardens is between $270.00 – $537.00/night.


#1 Tirtha Uluwatu Chapel, Tirtha Property, Bukit, Bali

uluwatu_chapel 3416

uluwatu_tirtha tirtha5


I think this is an outstanding piece of architecture, in term of setting, scale and building esthetic I am drawn to this!
This is not just such a beauty for a piece of architecture and design but also a piece of beauty for its purpose: a wedding chapel!
How romantic to have such a beautiful floating chapel set against the tip of the most beautiful cliff of Uluwatu, Bali. Uluwatu known for the best sunset viewing. So just imagine to have an intimate party at a romantic chapel set in a tropical garden above the clif looking over the vast Indian Ocean.

here’s some description from TRENDS magazine:

The chapel appears to float in water on the edge of the cliff-top, high above the Indian Ocean. Although the other pavilions feature local materials, all the products used in the construction of the chapel were imported.

“Tirtha means holy water, which is another reason for the setting,” says Parker. “The design was also influenced by the old palaces around Bali and Java, which were built around moats and ponds. The setting itself provides a sense of prominence and significance.”
The air-conditioned chapel can seat 40 guests and has standing room for another 20. With its raised wedding podium and altar, and the vast horizon of the ocean as a backdrop, the entire atrium creates an illusion of infinity, say the owners.

#2 Infinity Chapel, Conrad Hotel, Nusa Dua, Bali

BPNCICI infinitynew

BPNCICI infinityinteriornew

infinity 007 2441375920 2189713492



Well how do you feel about walking between water, elevated 2 meters above the ground, looking towards this huge triangle, for that bridal aile walk???

Newly opened in Oct 2006, the Infinity Chapel is surrounded by flowing water. There is a story about the design – the chapel is fantastic outlook means the husband always protects and gives his beloved warmth. And the wife is standing by his husband, giving him full support. Facing the ocean and beach, Infinity Chapel is perfect location for photo shooting during the ceremony. Boasting 117 sqm of floor space with a ceiling height of 12 m, the interior of Infinity is beautifully simple with elegant marble floors, floor to ceiling, ocean facing glass frontage and a transposable seating plan that comfortably receives 60 guests, making the fully air-conditioned building the perfect location for exclusive events and special celebrations.


Need more chapels? check the followings:

#3 Santi Chapel, Seminyak, Bali

santichapel 05

16 14

#4 The Chapel at Blue Point Bay Villas, Uluwatu, Bali

428 michael kristi 3104 a 2




#5 Astina Chapel, Ritz Carlton, Jimbaran, Bali



#6 Tresna Pavillion, Ritz Carlton, Jimbaran, Bali



ap F23 20080419062839967



Wedding vow beach style in Bulgari, Bali

Posted by editor On July - 19 - 2008


Destination wedding has become quite popular recently. Here’s one example of beach wedding conducted in Bvlgari, Bali. If it is an intimate small wedding, very private with a private beach access that no one else can claim except you then you might consider to have it in this kind of setting.

It is quite peaceful and serene for a wedding to take place, don’t you agree?



The Bulgari Resort, Bali, becomes the special setting for exclusive weddings bearing the Bulgari mark of elegance and style. Four different wedding experiences for four different settings chosen for its celebration: the Water Wedding, the Beach Wedding, the Bale Wedding, the Pavilion Wedding.
Each Bugari wedding proposal includes flowers and decorations by a world-renowned floral designer, traditional Balinese performance, champagne for the toast, an exclusive Bulgari wedding certificate holder and a white Bulgari pen.



The beautiful Bvlgari Hotel in Bali, the paradise Island

Posted by editor On July - 10 - 2008


bulgari02 bulgari03

bulgari04 bulgari05

Bulgari being the famous brand in jewelry market now branching its hotel properties outside Milan, creating one that is very private and beautiful in Bali, Indonesia.

Blending the traditional Balinese style with contemporary Italian design, the Bulgari Resort in Bali is located near the village of Pecatu and the stunning cliff top site of the Pura Luhur Uluwatu Temple, on the island’s far southwestern tip. Uniquely positioned at more than 150 meters above the sea shore, the resort offers unrivalled views across the Indian Ocean. Nestled between the cliff and the ocean, a 1.5 kilometer long beach is accessible only through the resort’s inclined elevator.

Designed by architects Antonio Citterio and Partners, the 59-villa resort reflects a contemporary interpretation of the traditional Balinese design while conveying the distinctive Bulgari Italian style.

I think personally it’s a very intimate and perfect romantic setting for a special couple vacation however each night will cost roughly at about $1,500 for each villa.

IMG 0812
view of the villages from top during the day

IMG 0825 IMG 0826
view of the pool during the day

IMG 0827
view of the floating bar area during the day

The private beach accessible by the incline elevator

The view of Il Ristorante Fine dining restaurant in Bvlgari Resort.



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