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Design: Stephen Sprouse and Louis Vuitton

Posted by editor On May - 12 - 2009

Stephen Sprouse collaboration with Louis Vuitton this spring 2009 has produced quite an eye candy by its vibrant design with bright neon colors. This neon colors seems to bring that “glow in the dark” effect which is quite edgy and modern. Louis Vuitton has produce a product that merge graphic artist with classic fashion – it does not result in such a bad combination, after all the past Fall 2006 collection of Stephen Sprouse’s 1987 grafiti leopard images for Louis Vuitton handbags, shoes, and scarves sold-out instantly. Following pictures show Sprouse’s design on scarf, jewelry and bag. I love the design on that jewelry padlock.

image source.


Liberty of London Bags

Posted by editor On March - 25 - 2009

I think Liberty of London has produced bags that create a good merge between fabric design and a functional bag. I love the subtle detail such as the classic Liberty of London pattern that is adopted into bag’s design. Too bad I can’t really get easy access to obtain one of this bag.

here’s a photo of the liberty of london’s showroom in Sloane st, London. I love the door’s logo!


Nieman Marcus Introduces New Names in Handbags

Posted by editor On March - 16 - 2009

New additions into Neiman’s handbag collections. It’s always nice to see what the new designers with “emerging talents” and “fresh perspective” has to offer. Please browse Niemanmarcus.com to see the whole new additions – here are couple of my own picks:

Olivia Harris Patch East-West Satchel Aridza Bross Annabell Shoulder Bag
$495.00                                                $595.00

Foley & Corinna City Tote (can be fold extra strap included)

Rebecca Minkoff Devote Leather Tote Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Satchel
$630.00                                                $650.00

Rebecca Minkoff Nikki Leather Hobo

source: NeimanMarcus.com


Hermes – The making of the bag

Posted by editor On February - 21 - 2009

Thought might share this video with all of you. If you are passionate about Hermes bag and how it makes then taking a peek at this video might be a useful info, enjoy the actual making and process of Hermes Bag (include views of Hermes Birkin, Hermes Kelly also their crocodile lines)



How do you get the Classy Hermes look without breaking the Bank?

Posted by editor On February - 20 - 2009

Hermes is famous for its humongous price tag (10,000 and above), as well as for its quality. So how do you get that classy look of hermes without draining your savings? well here’s couple options for Hermes look-a-like but remember they’re not Hermes replica!

This lovely pink is a stamped croco on leather by Samantha Thavasa, sot about $460.00

What makes it look so Hermes-like? Its front padlock and enclosure is definitely a birkin inspired.
You may also look at some italian shops such as Forzieri.com they sell hermes-look-a-like by Fontanelli as well, please see their bags bellow:

Pink one cost $386.00 cream one cost $489.00 (they’re both stamped ostrich and croco on leather, not real one) Another good place to look at is a European online site called pierotucci.com

this Pierotucci bag cost $353.00
for your reference I post the real Hermes bag pics bellow:
Victoria Beckham wearing the green &pink colored hermes, a black croco hermes

picture sources:
Samantha Thavasa USA


Desginer bag’s crazy price tag

Posted by editor On January - 18 - 2009


I always thought Hermes has the most expensive tags for bags, well it does some even reach 100K just for a bag but indeed other designers has crazy tags too for their very special edition bags. Such as the lovely YSL muse two crocodile bag above, it’s priced the same as you would to buy a car, some car even priced cheaper – ohhh lifestyle… can’t seems to be enough spending there!

and recently LV came out with another special edition bag around spring 2008 called shortly by the name of ‘Jamais’

Special edition Louis Vuitton Richard Prince Monogram Watercolor Aquarelle Ostrich Jamais Bag US$17,800

well the regular version is available, without the ostrich the price is far down =) although it’s still a very expensive tag.

Louis Vuitton Richard Prince Monogram Watercolor Aquarelle Jamais Bag US$3,400

I really like the light pink color in a bag, it reminds me of a very soft pink color in a special hybrid of a rose. I like it even more when it applies to textured material such as ostrich or croco,… but to be honest I feel pity for those animals,… use only to satisfy female’s lifestyle and fashion hunger.



These days women, girls … people in general just want to get the look of celebs and not thinking thoroughly when it comes right down to money issue. So is handbag and jewlery renting is the right thing to do?

well let’s think about it if renting from companies like BBOS (bag borrow or steal) cost about 270 dollars roughly per bag per month not including their additional insurance fee, shipping fee, membership fee which will add up close to 300 in total then by the 5th times you are renting say you’re renting it per month then you’ll end up owning one for yourself, in where you can sell it back without loosing much, especially if you keep the bag in pristine condition. Plus you can only rent it for 5 months from bag rental companies but owning it means you can use it for as long as you want till you’re ready to get rid of it.

here’s an example of someone owning it, she showed her bag collections here, so there’s a pleasure of collecting your own handbags.Dsc02283

Other than that you might want to think several times before renting out with company like bagborroworsteal.com which recently change name to avelle. This company has lots of bad qualities: first, a very bad customer service (I experienced this myself) live chat is not always available and the USER INTERACTION of the live chat SUCKS and REALLY SUPER SLOW, phone customer service also really slow and some financial manager of the company promised me to return my call back and she never did! They’re just not able to resolve any issue! Secondly, order takes very slow very long to process, some items arrive in bad condition – I wouldn’t even want to wear it – worn tissue inside from previous user, yuckie/gross looking — oh hygine is pretty important for me, they just don’t seem to take a good care of their bags. Plus from a customer service rep that used to work there: they only have few of the bags and the wait list is like over 100 people => few is like three bags only! How would you feel paying monthly fees and renting bags for over 300 dollars and you have to wait for don’t know how long cuz a person can keep the bag for as long as she wants! More over some naughty ppl try to change the original bag and return a fake, yes heard over that issue from customer service rep that once work there, so you wouldn’t really know if you’re carrying a real one unless you own the real thing. Just cuz I am a bag freak – renting especially from them is really not a good experience!

so ladies do your homework before renting bags or jewelry! there is another renting company called frombagstoriches.com which is much better deal in price (can be 50-100 dollar cheaper than bagborroworsteal.com) and much much much nicer, they will arrive in good condition and faster a lot faster. curios? read here – other people have the same opinion.

BBOS only concern about marketing, they’re not concern about their customer at all. I’ve learn my lesson and just better buy the real thing nothing can beat that.

some testimonials here:

Please Stay away from BBS
Reviewer : Cindy (Hinsdale, IL)
I had ordered my first bag and it nevered arrived after 10 days. When I contacted BBS via their Live Chat, someone was going to check with the warehouse manager. After 36 hours I contact BBS again. I was told that the order was never processed. Yet my bank had put a hold on the funds. I have read some true horror stories about BBS so I canceled my membership. While I think this a great idea, I wish I had read teh reviews first before I joined. Too bad. I also told them I thought their Customer Service was very poor and that I was very disappointed. I am a Quality Manager and never would we have treated a customer this way.

here’s another one:

I actually was a customer service rep for the website in Illinois. This company is no way by far Net Flicks. My basic day was nothing but unhappy customers online/phone/emails and live chat complaining about lack of product. Which is true. People would pay a high monthly membership for bags that we never had many in stock. How do you split 3- $2000 bags between 100 requests?. The corporate office was always spending a lot of money to appear on TV shows, media etc which of they themselves appeared on or in the photo shoots. I guess they were only interested in the glamor of it and being on tv. But never invested much money in buying the correct much needed quantities of bags to make sure everyone would get one. Why should someone be charged a $100.00 membership every month and then be told the bags not available or there is a long wait on that bag or told to pick something else out. What upsets me more is the fact that they would get brand new Louis Vittons in (only 3). The waiting list was 50 people with $100.00 membership customers.Sometimes the ones that complained the most went to the top of the waiting list.( not fair) BBS would not always mark any high end price bags, so when we received them back we really had no idea if the one that came back were fake. Or if they were marked never using their black light method to check them for fake returns. Just send them back out the again. There were a few times that I swear the bag was fake and got into it with the manager about this. And was told to just send it to the next person in line. Can you really be sure that the high end bag is the real bag and not a fake?. There were big problems with mail order fraud (not on BBS’s side but with customers with fake address, credit cards that were stolen or revoked and never heard from again)Course these people just walked away with a $2000 bag. At the time I worked there anyone who had a credit card, and It authorized for one month membership would get anything sent to them. (I would hope to think that they would be now doing a better checking system on people before shipping a $2000 bag out to them, only to find the next month membership billing on the card was closed by the card company or stolen ……..bye bye bag!!!! That means one less bag and longer waiting line for customers paying higher end memberships.
I would not recommend this company. They only have a hand full of the high end bags and when rented out the lucky ones keep renting them for months. There is no time limit on when you have to send it back. If they only have 5 high end bags and 5 people get them for 6 months, you still have to wait 6 months plus to rent it. The pics of the bags on the web site were usually taken of brand new bags. The bag you receive may not be in as good as shape as the pic posted.

another testimonial:

Bag Borrow or Steal is a great idea, but the actual company is not managed well in terms of shipping, customer communication and service. I have had more wrong or failed orders and I really tried hard to work with them as I actually have a great need for their product.
My first complaint is that they do not ship the bags in a timely manner. I have paid for overnight shipping countless times only to find that they didn’t ship the package for 2-3 days afterward. What is the point of the extra overnight charge then?
My second complaint is that their Live Chat is hardly ever operational and when it is, they cannot answer a direct question, you only get generic answers that just don’t help. If you call the 800 number, you get excuses and made to feel like the problem is your fault not theirs.
My thirds complaint is that they have absolutely no customer communication. They do not confirm your order via email so you are left to wonder if they received it. If you log into your account there is no info there either so you are left with calling their ineffective customer service or Live Chat line.
It is such a shame, because I really wish I could like this company, but I am sure that a good competitor will come along and steal their business- then I could actually get a good bag.
Recommended: No

another one:

Bag Borrow or Steal is a great concept but I found the actual bag quality less than what I had hoped for.
I asked to borrow a bag from the middle of the line handbag collection (approx. value $450) and it had several small oil marks on the front, the bottom of the purse was dirty and in one of the inside pockets there were small pieces of waded up paper. The leather was considerably worn and didn’t look like the picture at all.
I have a small collection of higher end purses, none over 5 years old and my purses are all better than the one I received to try. I didn’t even want to carry the purse I received and sent it back the next day and canceled my membership. I was not given a refund nor an opportunity to explain that I felt the quality I received was not up to par. All I received was a computer generated form letter.
The pluses are; a great concept, excellent website with lots of beautiful things to look at, fast ordering and shipping process.
Overall, it comes down to luxury and Bag Borrow or Steal needs to step up the quality of their bags.
Recommended: No

Even more:

This site looks good but I would not become a customer. I’ve looked over the prices. Most customers would think it cheaper to buy a gently used one from an auction site, buy a fake one, or buy the real one. These fees can add up.
Maria | July 14, 2006 10:14 PM

Bag Borrow or Steal may have a new customer service department, but they still have horrible business practices. They are raking in a lot of money by over charging for bags, not spending money on upkeeping the bags, and then charging people’s credit cards 2-3 times and waiting until after the consumer consults with a legal time to get the charges removed/refunded. http://www.fashionaccessoryforum.com/general-handbag-discussion/3144-cindys-bag-borrow-steal-experience.html gives an accurate look at bag borrow or steal
CheatedOutofMoney | July 30, 2008 10:13 AM

If all these isn’t enough to stop you from your renting temptation from avelle or bagborroworsteal then go to this forum about cindy’s bag borrow or steal experience.

I hope this part of my posting & sharing really help all of you female out there who happen to share same interest but confuse at the same times especially regarding designer bags.



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