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Graphic Design merge with Interior Design – Hotel Room

Posted by editor On May - 19 - 2009

A very sleek example of experimenting with graphics in an interior space. If you are a good artist you might try to decorate empty wall in an interior space with graphics, it really spice things up! The Hotel room above is nicely decorated in white and green monochromatic scheme.


Spring Terrarium Small Chic Accessory for Home Decor

Posted by editor On May - 9 - 2009

Matteo Cibic, a talented Italian product designer came up with this Domsai mini terrarium for small cactus plants. The production of this design accomplish in the neighborhood of Bassano del Grappa, Vicenza, Italy.


Sculptural Furniture Pieces for Interior Space

Posted by editor On April - 11 - 2009

Outstanding sculptured furniture pieces created by David Delthony. His pieces will certainly make the one-of-a-kind statement in an interior space.
These pieces are not only a functional object but also three dimensional art with compelling visual properties to serve as enjoyment.



I never really like mosaic for tiling material, as an interior designer I try to avoid it for my own personal use especially in heavy duty area, just because I don’t like the practicality of it when it comes to cleaning. However, without having to be concern of cleaning, mosaic itself is my favorite material to express color, desin and art in interior. It can really makes an interior alive, into a piece of art – depending on how you use it, of course. I love mosaic by SICIS especially their new invention: to use mosaic as art paneling in interior or semi-exterior public spaces. This way I don’t have to worry about cleaning because it’s rarely get dirty if it’s display as panel outside the kitchen and bathroom.
Sicis’ new collection called “Hedonism” is dedicated to male and female body’s natural beauty, they are available in murano style weaves (leaving little spaces in between) and come-in supplied with various sized panels. I choose some of these pictures from Sicis’ Hedonism collection to show what an artistic paneling can be achieve by beautiful mosaics.

Source: SICIS


Sending online greetings the new way =)

Posted by editor On August - 2 - 2008

flower greeting

Have you get bored of sending online greeting cards? well if you’re bored already try this new way of sending greetings to meaningful people around you. With Flowers2mail.com you can send greetings with flowers instead of just a greeting card. It’s even worth doing for the fun of it, so make your experience of sending greetings an easier and more attractive one!

This is quite fun to do especially for kids, you just drag and drop! You can pick a vase shape and color, also the kind of flowers you want, the kind of leaves you want, and the greeting tag, just type it in and you’re done.

So grab your kids and teach them to compose a virtual flower vase with greetings for their grandparents, or even for your spouse on his/her birthday perhaps you can remind them to send something nice for their parents.

The great thing about this site is it’s built for fun only, so it has no commercial goals – how wonderful!


Amazing natural art from Pooktre the Tree Shapers

Posted by editor On August - 2 - 2008

tree people

This is such an amazing sight found while browsing around the web, so thought it will be a good thing to share it with all of femtalks readers.

With an idea of growing a chair, Peter (pook) Cook make a living art into a reality that other could enjoy. Later, partnering with Becky who has a very strong design and art background, he bring this tree-shaping concept idea into a next level.

For more info go to pooktre.com.

beckymirror pete in garden chair 01

person tree

all images are taken from pooktre.com



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