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Aptera, a new car invention that cover safety, comfort and efficiency zones all in one.




With an amazing vision and commitment, Steve Fambro and his Aptera team created the Aptera Typ-1, which has been refined into a production ready vehicle. So now you can reserve your self an Aptera Typ-1 a vehicle that can run at 230mpg with a cost about US$ 27,000 for all electric type and US$ 30,000 for the Plug-in Electric type. Don’t get overly happy though because the reservation is strictly for CALIFORNIA residence only at this time. Don’t really believe this kind of car in existence? check out the video bellow.

By now I hope you’ll be hook with this little invention. so check out the big features:
– 3 wheels vehicle
– charge over 2 – 4 hours time and only cost at about $2.00 for this entire charging time.
– It can accomodate 2 adults (accomodate a person for up to 6’5″ in height)
– It still has a room for an infant though!
– can run at about 85-90 mph
– fuel efficiency at 230 mpg
– White exterior color only at this time
– Will be in production by late 2008
– Cost at about $27,000 – $30,000
– Aptera by the way means “Flight without wings” in Greek






all pictures and information are taken from aptera website.
and also slightlywarped.com has become a good source to this posting.



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