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Cheap Long Distance International

I found out about 1019898 and 1010229, and you could save on your long distance and international phone calls to Asia. They have great rates. US interstate is 2c / minute, but the real deal I think is in the international rates. They do have a connection fee of 10 cents and 20 cents per call, but overall it still is cheaper than anything else I have found.

See International rates for 1019898

See International rates for 1010229
I used to use OneSuite, however it gets tedious to re-charge the pin each time.

Dialing instructions for 1019898 :

For calls within the USA and Canada for using 1019898
Dial 101 9898 + 1 + area code + number

For international calls for using 1019898

Dial 101 9898 + 011 + country code + number

Dialing instructions for 1010229 :

For calls within the USA and Canada:
Dial 1010 229+ 1 + area code + number

For international calls:

Dial 1010 229 + 011 + country code + number

There are NO monthly fees with 1019898 and 1010229. You are only charged for calls actually made and charges appear on your regular Pac Bell or Verizon phone bill.

Update: 1019898 works for residents of state of California, using Pacbell or Verizon.

At this moment the 1010229 network is only available in the states of California, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and the great Toronto area.



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