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Got “faked” on ebay, Get Your Money Back

Posted by Smurfette On February - 18 - 2009

I love to shop on ebay. When I told people that I shop on ebay, I often got negative reactions. Most of the negative reactions were because they got “faked” on ebay. I strongly suggest that before you buy anything “branded” on ebay, you should do your homework and just google “how to spot a fake (whatever you’re looking for)”. It is easier to avoid bad transaction than trying to get out of it.

Until recently, I haven’t got “faked” on ebay, as I always purchase my stuff carefully. However, last week, I purchased a MAC brush (cosmetic brush) from ebay, and got “faked”. It’s sad that people made a “fake” out of a $20 item. Anyway, here are the steps that you should do in case you got “faked”:

• Contact the seller (Via ebay messaging or paypal resolution center)
You should contact the seller via those methods only so that ebay or paypal will have the record of your communication with the seller.
• Open a dispute in the PayPal resolution center
• Negotiate to resolve dispute
• Close the dispute or escalate to a claim
• Paypal will investigate and resolve the claim

This can be done only if you pay with paypal, I strongly recommend paying with paypal whenever you shop on ebay. It is the safer way to pay. You can find the detail about the dispute resolution on paypal.com. You need to sign in to be able to find the info. Don’t forget to report the fake item to ebay, to prevent fraud on other buyers. Oh and one more thing, I received a full refund for my FAKE mac brush and the seller did not even want the fake brush back.

Happy Shopping!


High heels vs Health : Should women wear heels?

Posted by editor On June - 16 - 2008

I have to agree that high heels certainly make women look more attractive, not just because it elongates their legs but high heel also shaped, designed and colored to make an impact on improving one’s look.

However getting pretty doesn’t come in easy, some might experience consequences of wearing heels such as foot-pain, ankle pain, joint problem, etc. So how far should you go on wearing heels?

As a woman myself, I enjoy wearing heels. But after graduating from college, I paid more attention to my health, it’s good to do this because we’re all growing older, not younger. So should women wear heels? well, I started to wear heels in this manner:

  1. high heels like 3 inches or above will only be wear for occasions that will allow me to sit for a long period of time (such as movie theaters, dinners, meetings, etc)
  2. I made a rule that I have to wear on my flat shoes/flip-flop for the in between time (meaning if I’m going to a wedding, I’ll drive with my flip-flop and walk with it till I arrive at the venue, and make a quick change)
  3. Don’t wear high heels on a daily basis.

I don’t know if that way will help but I’m certain everything that’s too much just isn’t good. Here’s a chart I got just to get rough idea about high heels’ effects. Hope it’s good to know.


here’s other say bout shoes & heels:

So my crazy week culminated with running around like a chicken-with-its-head-cut-off in all day. In high heels.

I had a conference to work at, and I wanted to look ‘professional’ but practical would have been wiser. My feet hurt so bad by the end of the day, I was tempted to walk home barefoot. From now on sneakers are professional.

What amazes me are the outragous high heels some people wear.

Here’s an article on ‘how to walk‘ in high heels which mentions some of the many foot problems associated with heel wearing. Not mention the possible knee problems related to high heels.

Sonya Bata apparently claimed that “Shoes hold the key to human identity” . If so, my identity is going to be flat soled.




Femtalks – It’s been about a month

Posted by editor On June - 12 - 2008

Dear all femtalks readers,

It’s been about one month since I created femtalks.
just like to share with you all our last month most popular subject:

AMZ*Prime Shipping Club – Get refund from Amazon

please browse more categories in “about
thank you for all of your supports =)


I have been using T-Mobile for $59.99 per month. The reason that I stayed with T-Mobile for so long is that I like their GSM network so I can send text message (SMS) internationally. Now that my contract has expired, however I am looking for a better deal for my wireless subscription to save money, especially on the recurring monthly bills such as cellphone service.

Anyway, I have been shopping for a new phone and found that the SERO plan from Sprint to be the best deal.

For $29.99 per month, you get:

  • 500 minutes anytime
  • Unlimited nights and weekends starting 7 PM.
  • Unlimited Text messaging for domestic (very cool)
  • Unlimited Data and Internet Surfing (very, very cool, as Sprint has broadband speed capability).

Normally this Sprint plan will cost over $70.00 per month if you sign up from normal plan. So you could potentially save around $40.00 per month, annually $480.00

And by the way, Sprint has 30-days return guarantee.  Please do let me know  or comment if you have or know of a better deal for wireless service.

How to sign up:

1) Visit http://www.sprint.com/sero
2) For referral email, enter savings@sprintemi.com
3) Enter your zipcode

PS. You want to ensure that your current contract with your carrier has ended, otherwise there maybe a termination fee charged.
Thanks to Fatwallet and fellow, blogger for sharing this info.

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