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Pet Society – New Feature: Recycle Bin

Posted by editor On April - 16 - 2009

It’d be my dream if the BANK in petsociety work like real BANK that can give interest and do mutual fund type of investment or Certificate Deposit. When I first saw the recycle bin feature I was so happy cuz I thought HEY I can recycle all my items and I will get 10,000 coins to cash out – due to my clumsiness I miss to read that it actually cashing out an eco prize (eco items) and I realize this when I already put till up to 2,000 recycle points into the bin. Out of my curiousity I did research and found out what these eco items will be and here’s the result from joycediaz’s blog:

so if you’re into getting these items you have to be aware that their real prices really are half of the value written because 1 pet society coins roughly will get you 2 eco coins. And the trick to do is to buy Mystery Boxes especially the small ones and hoping you’ll get something of value and you recycle it a small 50 coins mystery box can earn you up to 400 eco coins, so you’ll be saving even more to get the eco item you want. And another tip your pet’s poo can earn you one coin but if you decide to recycle that poo it’ll earn you 8 recycle points. However if it’s money you want eco items can’t help much because joycediaz’s blog mentioned:

small eco box = 833 sell back price
medium eco box = 1666 sell back price
big eco box 2499 = sell back price

well with that in mind we really need a bank that works like a bank – we put our coins then we can earn interest over time it’s like recycle bin but cash it out in pet-society coins =)

I really hope this message reach the game developer cuz we all want to play for fun and they can earn money buy putting commercials on the game rather than charging us – really! I read on BBC news that they are making money from average user that usually spend $7-$22 dollars monthly on pet society, with 3 million daily users and totaling of 20 million pet society users they ought to be making enough to give us a nice bank features – cuz not everyone is a spender.



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  1. getting the kids into recycling early will pay off later in life, they will grow up thinking that its the norm and the thing to do, so games that promote it im all for

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