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Best Portable Water Filter Purification System

Posted by editor On June - 4 - 2013Comments Off on Best Portable Water Filter Purification System

Recently I need to relocate due to job, so I’m currently renting. Of course nothing like owning your own place where you can practically instal reverse osmosis, water softener and carbon filter for the whole house or just for the typical small little faucet on the kitchen, of course this involved drilling the counter top. So since I can’t have my customize installation of the water filtration system, first thing first I went to a supermarket and grab a 1.5L Brita pitcher.

Then after I did my homework and try to dig in further for world’s best portable water filter I run into this Berkey filter. It’s commercialized more as a survival tool, the red-cross use it, army and such a kind, because it can filter water from non-drinkable source such as swamp, lake, etc and turn it into a pure drinkable water.

If you are living in the area where clean water access is not a problem, and tap water is acceptable for direct consumption,  then maybe filtering water is not something that comes to mind right away. Although that’s the case, I notice a different especially when showering in non filtered vs filtered water, my facial skin is much better and I never get dry skin with filter water even during winter season. So I figure it must be best to always filter the drinking water. I am also safety freak, especially because I am a nursing mother now.

I used to drink bottled water every time, thinking not only it’s convenient but believe it is cleaner. A while back I watched a documentary on our water called tapped, this shocked me on how poorly bottled water regulates and it contains high level of harmful and toxic materials that we can’t see. Tapped also mentioned that drinking tap water is better because the municipality usually regulate that stricter than bottled water. However if you dig into it further they only regulates so much and in some countries fluoride is still roaming free in your drinkable tap water. Well if you think fluoride is great for your child’s teeth like all dentists recommend to parents to make sure they give their little ones fluoride until the age of four because that is what helping the development of strong teeth. Then try to read this paragraph quoted from huffingtonpost.com:

Even more disturbing, there was a study done in China on children with fluorosis, and the findings were that children with the affliction had, in overall terms, lower IQ scores. These findings were echoed in an American study that came to the same findings using animals: The study concluded that fluoride would accumulate in specific areas of the brain, which then affected the ability to learn. This does not constitute irrefutable proof, but it does make one think.

Putting fluoride aside, there are other concerns with our drinking water is too pure hence we’re not getting enough mineral we need anymore. Sally Falon from Weston Price foundation suggested to put salt into our drinking water so we can get enough minerals that we need. Of course you need to make sure you’re using pure salt (unprocessed salt). I think it’s a bit bothersome so I try to just use more salt in my cooking to get even. But when I read about Berkey water filtration system only eliminates harmful substances, virus and bacteria, etc but not the useful mineral that the body needs from the water, then I am very much interested in replacing my Brita pitcher with one of that.

That was exactly what I did and I got mine already, and did blind water testing taste of course Berkey won my taste bud as suppose to Brita. Pretty hard to tell the difference but yes there’s a different and Berkey water taste better. Anyhow this blog post summarize why he loved his Berkey, you can read all about it here.

Here’s a couple shot of my Berkey:


On Nutrition: What If What You’ve Been Told Has Been Wrong All The Way?

Posted by editor On October - 13 - 2012Comments Off on On Nutrition: What If What You’ve Been Told Has Been Wrong All The Way?

What do we all consider to be a healthy eating?
Most of us would definitely give the typical SAD (standard American diet) answer which is to avoid fatty and greasy foods and consume more greens, lots of fruits with some lean meats.

So why America – the 5th lowest smoking rate among developed country and the lowest fat consumption per capita – suffers the highest obesity rate in the world and more over, heart attack listed as the number one hospital death cause in the country? Part of the hidden truth is because of what we’ve been told all along from the American dietary and nutritional guidelines has been skewed. Here’s the info-graphics that clearly explained why we get fat.

If you want in-depth information there is this article entitled “Enjoy Saturated Fats, They’re Good for You!” by by Donald W. Miller, Jr., MD a cardiac surgeon and a professor.

Infographics source: massive health the maker of “The Eatery” iPhone App that helps you keep in track of your carbo consumption, pretty helpful app.

And if you’d like to start adapting to low carb high fat diet this Swedish Diet Blog is quite helpful for recipes and what to cook tips.


Taylor Swift in Christian Siriano

Posted by editor On October - 12 - 2012Comments Off on Taylor Swift in Christian Siriano

I simply love Swift’s look for her fragrance ad. She is stunningly gorgeous in the Christian Siriano‘s gown made for the Spring Summer 2011 collection. Love the whole dreamy and fairy tale concept behind it.

Her make-up is also a steal =)

It’s even more stunning to see the gown in motion, here’s her ad video from youtube:


What Is Wrong with American Educational System?

Posted by editor On October - 9 - 2012Comments Off on What Is Wrong with American Educational System?

Below is the one comic that explained how screwed education in America really is. We all know education is very important and indeed is a basic human right. In America when one has a student loan, he or she can’t get a way from it different from any other type of debt. We often believe people have equal access for a higher education in America, the truth is with price tag so high per course’s unit most Americans can’t afford higher education, they ended up really behind (in debt) just when they’re about to start their lives.


Favorite Nursing Bras

Posted by editor On October - 8 - 2012Comments Off on Favorite Nursing Bras

Becoming a first time mom that has to do constant direct nursing, because my baby won’t tolerate bottle feeding at all is quite a disenchant for a lingerie lover such myself. During my last trimester of pregnancy I hunted many nursing bras but of course haven’t been a mom yet I have no clue what to look for in a nursing bra. I grunted in dismay because everywhere I look for nursing bras I found dull design and sadly but true most bras just don’t feel comfortable when I tried on. I just thought I’d share what I stumble so far on what works and what don’t on nursing bras.

As mentioned before I am a big fan of lingerie. So getting used to beautiful collections such as Victoria’s Secret, Chantelle, La Perla, Malizia by La Perla, Simone Perele, and more… it’s quite a difficult task to find elegant nursing bras with expectation of such sophisticated design encompassing great material such as the ever so soft and beautiful Chantilly lace. Yes my first hunt is for style not for comfort so here are couple of nursing bras having the style and great design: HotMilk Mama, PANACHE, and Cake Lingerie. I like them because they come with great support and no underwire.

Shown above is HotMilk mama.

Above is PANACHE and below is Cake Lingerie

Although these nursing bras are stylish and fashionable, the comfort level and practicality of these bras simply not at the top notch level. Of course this is based on my own experience because I am in constant nursing situation and nursing isn’t neat, period. If baby won’t latch it’s a mess, if there’s let down it’s another mess, so I ended up having to wash nursing bras all the time and hand wash isn’t an option because like most mom, I am so exhausted and tired with taking care of the baby so I opted for a more functional and easy to use type of nursing bra which is the sleep nursing bra with no clip. If I have to wear clip style nursing bra I’d opt for Bravado! Bravado! offers great support and comfort but its clip style to me means extra time and just extra hassle.

pictured above is Bravado!

Despite its fashionless look, sleep nursing bra is my most favorite nursing bra style. These bras are comfortable, fast to handle for on and off nursing and easy to maintain. I like Motherhood Maternity Sleep bra and Majamas sleep bra.

above is majamas nursing sleep bra and below is motherhood maternity wrap nursing sleep bra

The Majamas is made out of elastic material while the Motherhood maternity is made of 100% cotton.
At the end comfort and functionality has won me over design, because believe it or not motherhood is tough for a first timer. Having these sleep style bra is very convenient and to me is very user friendly. I’ll post another topic on how to nurse both in private and in public and why this no clip style bra is on my top preference.


Great Kitchen Gadgets

Posted by editor On January - 9 - 2011Comments Off on Great Kitchen Gadgets

1. Spaghetti Scrubber

Ever since I do my own kefir yogurt making and learn not to wash the container or any tools for kefir yogurt making with soap or detergent because these good bacteria can’t stand the soap residue then I opt for a nylon scrubber. However I have difficulties finding this nylon scrubber recently in my local area, so I went online and found out about this great friendly spaghetti scrubber which is made from corn cobs and peach pits.

They made a good companion for doing scrubbing for your kitchen dishes or even other type of cleaning naturally and with less detergent since a small amount goes a long way inside this curly shaped material.It’s also very easy to dry making it mold resistant. If you want the gentle scrub go for the pink ones and if you want the more aggressive then get the yellow ones. for more info visit: Goodbye Detergent! To buy you can visit uncommongoods.com or theafternoon.com.

2. Scruba Gloves

I always wash my veggies even if it is a pre-washed packed salad greens. Sometimes when it comes to things like potatoes, carrots, radishes and other veggies that grows under the ground I found it hard to get rid of the dirt until I peel their skin off. I just learnt that peeling the skin off indeed rip off the vitamin I’ll get from these veggies so it’s better not to peel them off but wash them completely clean. I found out that scrub’a gloves designed by Danish designer will enable me to wash off all the dirt a lot quicker with less amount of water consume. To learn more you can visit their site at fabrikators. Scrub’a gloves also comes in adult and kid sizes.

3. Drosselmeyer Nutcracker

If Nuts cracking become a burdensome and messy chore then I hope drosselmeyer nutcracker able to help you solve that problem.

Drosselmeyer is the first handheld nutcracker to have a double lever action and a container to collect the shells. This award-winning design is widely regarded as the best and most powerful nutcracker on the market. It’s a quick, clean, and easy way to crack nuts. source.

Designed by Swedish design firm this sleek nutcracker has gained popularity as a must own kitchen gadget.


Data Search Engine

Posted by editor On January - 8 - 2011Comments Off on Data Search Engine

Currently most people use Google, Bing or other search engine mostly to merely search for something. Most will either choose to get information back in plain text view search result or image thumbnail search result. Either of these results will display a link that will lead to user to discover more information whether it is in text or in image form.

When you need a search that return just the data you want instead of endless links then Wolfram|Alpha a computational knowledge engine might be just the other option. Basically the search engine generates output by doing computations from its own internal knowledge base, instead of searching the web and returning links. If you are seeking for more reliable result from closed collective data set then Wolfram might certainly suit your need.

The Wolfram|Alpha search basically stated that “It can only know things that are known and somehow public, it only deals with facts, not opinions. It limits the computation time for each query.” and most of its data come from systematic primary sources. to learn more go to Wolfram|Alpha FAQ page.

Wolfram|Alpha is known for its mathematical computation so students these days are pretty lucky they can type any mathematical question and get their answers at an instant. Wolfram|Alpha is also available for major phone platforms such as iPhone, Android, iPad and ebooks – now I wonder how student cheat during their test using these modern technology. I hope teachers will put all their gadget away before entering test room. I tried to play around with this search engine and here some screens I captured.


Healthy Flip Flop For Your Feet

Posted by editor On January - 8 - 2011Comments Off on Healthy Flip Flop For Your Feet

Flip Flop is the most popular footwear in many developing countries due to their low production cost. In developed countries flip flop is more of a of seasonal footwear popular during the summer time. This popular foot wear have evolved from a simple rubber thin sole type to a more elaborate with fashion beeds and embellishment to make it looks appealing.

However the fact behind flip flop is not clearly visible until some years back, in 2008, where researchers from Auburn University found that wearing thong-style flip-flops can result in sore feet, ankles and legs. Here is a quote on flip flop wearing that rise safety concern:

Flip-flops do not provide ankle support, and can cause many foot-related problems. Some flip-flops have a spongy sole, so when the foot hits the ground, it rolls inward and the sponge allows it to roll even more than usual. This is known as overpronation and causes many problems in the foot. Each time a foot hits the ground, the arch is supposed to be locked to absorb shock. But during overpronation, the arch opens and releases this locking mechanism, leading to problems such as pain in the heel, the arch, the toes and in the forefoot. Overpronation of the foot also results in flat feet, especially if flip-flops are worn throughout childhood and adolescence when the muscles, bones, and tendons of the feet are growing and developing. Exacerbating this, some flip-flops force a person to overuse the tendons in the foot, which can cause tendinitis.

I personally love flip flop especially for summer or if you happen to live in hot climate country then it’s a perfect everyday foot wear not just for summer because flip flop foot wear let your feet breath and enjoy the hot air breeze – just a wonderful feeling overall! Just be careful when choosing the flip flop some are very cheaply made and only come with a very thin sole which not only will cause foot pain in a long term wear but also offer almost no protection because your feet is so close to the ground, imagine when you have a puddle of water on your way or stepping into small rough stone which can feel pretty bumpy at the ball of your feet.
I recently walk around to find myself a good pair of flip flop for comfort wear and I found this brand called FitFlop from UK and by far it is my favorite brand for flip flop since it produces great sole for it. Even better news for women – it is a high rise flip flop or you may want to refer to it like a platform flip flop. Just a little rise to our height is always a good thing but the good news is this is not a damaging rise like you’d find in most high heel shoes. Indeed Fit Flop is very comfortable to wear, although not so fashionable! The above picture show a FitFlop sole structure and below show FitFlop diagram chart to highlight its benefit. source.

If you are interested to purchase FitFlop the site listed some online retailers. Great things that this brand also sell boots and shoes other than flip flops.


High Life at LeBua State Tower in Bangkok

Posted by editor On January - 7 - 2011Comments Off on High Life at LeBua State Tower in Bangkok

Lebua is one of Bangkok’s top luxury hotels. What amazed me is the stunning architecture of the building encompassing a thirty meter tall golden rooftop dome and new-classical balconies. The building combined condominiums, serviced apartments, offices and retail units into one becoming South East Asia’s largest building with three hundred thousand meter square. Among many some of this building’s great features include a forty story high inside atrium, a glass sky bridge suspended mid air on its top most level to offer one of a kind panoramic view of the city, world’s highest alfresco restaurant called Sirocco on LeBula’s highest floor (64th floor), and an open air sky bar.

LeBua Open Sky Bar

world’s highest alfresco restaurant, Sirocco located at 64th floor of LeBua

Asian-style seafood restaurant, Breeze located on the 51st and 52nd floors of LeBua

LeBua glass Sky Bridge

If you would like a taste of the high life in Bangkok try to book your self a room at LeBua State Towerl hotel. Prices start from $100 -200 USD/night.


Edible Agar Agar Cups

Posted by editor On December - 31 - 2010Comments Off on Edible Agar Agar Cups

Karim Rashid in Objectify stated if we toss away our cell phone every couple of year why not make a cell phone from a card board? In a way he challenges product designers to design for the whole cycle not just until that product complete its production stage but also to consider how to deal with the waste after user has done using the object.

These day we have so much waste and USA is a major exporter of landfill to develop countries. Our garbage landed massively in other part of the world creating pollution and massive damage while our European counterparts deal with their garbage and recycle it in within their country territory and not allowing exporting their landfill outside Europe.

Interestingly enough plastic is quite a toxic waste but we usually use our daily plastic cups in parties and gathering without even thinking what have we caused. A New York based design firm called The Way We See The World recently tried to get $10,000 to prototype and model their biodegradable edible cups product from the fund-raising site.

The cup known as Jelloware basically are made of agar, a gelatinous substance. Don’t worry if you are a vegetarian because the cup is a vegan food. The fun fact about the cup not only you can sip water but you can also eat your cup, don’t worry if you can’t finish it since it’s biodegradable just toss it away! This agar agar cup comes in various shape with different flavors, such as lemon-basil, ginger-mint, or rosemary-beet, to compliment a corresponding drink.



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