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MAC Sculpt and Shape – Plastic Surgery in a Compact

Posted by Smurfette On February - 19 - 2009

I am always amazed with what contouring can do, you can make your nose slimmer, fake a supermodel cheekbones, loose a double chin, and even enhance your cleavage. It’s like having plastic surgery without the knife. 😛 Before, I would only contour my face if I am going out at night, because most of the time it looks streaky and muddy. It is probably because I only used a dark color shadow. It was really hard to blend. Whenever I use it on my nose, you would be able to see lines going down my nose. Definitely, not for daytime makeup.

image from necessary makeup

Now that I have found Mac Sculpt and Shape Powder, I can contour my face anytime (day or night). It doesn’t make your face streaky and dirty. It blends easily with your foundation and you can easily build it up for deeper contour. This powder has two shade, one darker shade for contouring and one light shade for highlighting. Mac has 4 different pair of shades for different skin color. Retail for $21.


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