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Healthy Flip Flop For Your Feet

Posted by editor On January - 8 - 2011

Flip Flop is the most popular footwear in many developing countries due to their low production cost. In developed countries flip flop is more of a of seasonal footwear popular during the summer time. This popular foot wear have evolved from a simple rubber thin sole type to a more elaborate with fashion beeds and embellishment to make it looks appealing.

However the fact behind flip flop is not clearly visible until some years back, in 2008, where researchers from Auburn University found that wearing thong-style flip-flops can result in sore feet, ankles and legs. Here is a quote on flip flop wearing that rise safety concern:

Flip-flops do not provide ankle support, and can cause many foot-related problems. Some flip-flops have a spongy sole, so when the foot hits the ground, it rolls inward and the sponge allows it to roll even more than usual. This is known as overpronation and causes many problems in the foot. Each time a foot hits the ground, the arch is supposed to be locked to absorb shock. But during overpronation, the arch opens and releases this locking mechanism, leading to problems such as pain in the heel, the arch, the toes and in the forefoot. Overpronation of the foot also results in flat feet, especially if flip-flops are worn throughout childhood and adolescence when the muscles, bones, and tendons of the feet are growing and developing. Exacerbating this, some flip-flops force a person to overuse the tendons in the foot, which can cause tendinitis.

I personally love flip flop especially for summer or if you happen to live in hot climate country then it’s a perfect everyday foot wear not just for summer because flip flop foot wear let your feet breath and enjoy the hot air breeze – just a wonderful feeling overall! Just be careful when choosing the flip flop some are very cheaply made and only come with a very thin sole which not only will cause foot pain in a long term wear but also offer almost no protection because your feet is so close to the ground, imagine when you have a puddle of water on your way or stepping into small rough stone which can feel pretty bumpy at the ball of your feet.
I recently walk around to find myself a good pair of flip flop for comfort wear and I found this brand called FitFlop from UK and by far it is my favorite brand for flip flop since it produces great sole for it. Even better news for women – it is a high rise flip flop or you may want to refer to it like a platform flip flop. Just a little rise to our height is always a good thing but the good news is this is not a damaging rise like you’d find in most high heel shoes. Indeed Fit Flop is very comfortable to wear, although not so fashionable! The above picture show a FitFlop sole structure and below show FitFlop diagram chart to highlight its benefit. source.

If you are interested to purchase FitFlop the site listed some online retailers. Great things that this brand also sell boots and shoes other than flip flops.


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