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Great Kitchen Gadgets

Posted by editor On January - 9 - 2011

1. Spaghetti Scrubber

Ever since I do my own kefir yogurt making and learn not to wash the container or any tools for kefir yogurt making with soap or detergent because these good bacteria can’t stand the soap residue then I opt for a nylon scrubber. However I have difficulties finding this nylon scrubber recently in my local area, so I went online and found out about this great friendly spaghetti scrubber which is made from corn cobs and peach pits.

They made a good companion for doing scrubbing for your kitchen dishes or even other type of cleaning naturally and with less detergent since a small amount goes a long way inside this curly shaped material.It’s also very easy to dry making it mold resistant. If you want the gentle scrub go for the pink ones and if you want the more aggressive then get the yellow ones. for more info visit: Goodbye Detergent! To buy you can visit uncommongoods.com or theafternoon.com.

2. Scruba Gloves

I always wash my veggies even if it is a pre-washed packed salad greens. Sometimes when it comes to things like potatoes, carrots, radishes and other veggies that grows under the ground I found it hard to get rid of the dirt until I peel their skin off. I just learnt that peeling the skin off indeed rip off the vitamin I’ll get from these veggies so it’s better not to peel them off but wash them completely clean. I found out that scrub’a gloves designed by Danish designer will enable me to wash off all the dirt a lot quicker with less amount of water consume. To learn more you can visit their site at fabrikators. Scrub’a gloves also comes in adult and kid sizes.

3. Drosselmeyer Nutcracker

If Nuts cracking become a burdensome and messy chore then I hope drosselmeyer nutcracker able to help you solve that problem.

Drosselmeyer is the first handheld nutcracker to have a double lever action and a container to collect the shells. This award-winning design is widely regarded as the best and most powerful nutcracker on the market. It’s a quick, clean, and easy way to crack nuts. source.

Designed by Swedish design firm this sleek nutcracker has gained popularity as a must own kitchen gadget.


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