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I saw a charge from “GFDL” after looking my credit card statement today. After some research, it is apparently a fraudulent charge. If you notice something in your credit card statement, a charge from “GFDL”. It is a fraud.

Please call your credit card company and ask for the card to be closed. After reading online, I have read that some people saw more fraudulent charges in their credit cards afterward.

GFDL – 8007640847 TX

800 764 0847

I tried calling 800-764-0847, but apparently it was a disconnected phone number.

More info: http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/878685/


6 Responses to “What is GFDL charge? *Fraud* Unrecognized of 0.13 cents to Citi Master Card from GFDL – 8007640847 TX”

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