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Easy Hair Extension – Fashion Your Head with No Damage

Posted by editor On June - 30 - 2013

About three to four months after giving birth I have my hair loss moment, this is typical you all mothers know it. So hair loss combine with the busy life of taking care of the little one I just can’t stand my long hair anymore. I love it so much but I have to say bye bye to my beloved long hair just for practical reason, so I ended up getting rid about 20 inch of hair length. Now that baby isn’t so little anymore and I’m getting back to my regular pace again I miss my long hair style but I can’t have it overnight, I think last time it took me about seven years to reach that length (my hair is all the way to my waist, just sit a little bit top of the butt line).

I had experience putting in a hair extension through the professional, where you go to your hair dresser and they did this permanent knob of gluing your original hair to the human hair extension that you buy. The process is time consuming (at least four hours) and then the care is difficult (because you have to wash your hair along with the extension, sometimes the extension will fall apart if you’re not careful) and it’s very expensive. Yes to take it out again you’ll have to go to the hairdresser, so it’s not flexible and it’s not easy.

So after browsing online about extension method I found many brands that sell ready to clip hair extension, they look like this:

And if you aim for most natural look you will want to look for clip in hair extension that is 100% human hair (cliphairaustralia.com sell one like that or you can try Foxy Locks, VPfashion or Luxyhair). The good thing about clip hair extension is you can be short and long at the same time (two different style easy to achieve without the wait and the damage) and you might want this because short hair is practical, easy to maintain but long hair is just gorgeous and add that little feminine touch to us women. This is the tutorial to put on hair extension for those with shorter hair:

You can also use hair extension to create highlight and add style without damaging your hair with harsh chemical, here’s the tutorial I found from youtube:

All above tutorial use hairspray and backcombing but if you want to skip the hairspray feel free to do so (I always do this because I dislike putting chemicals on my body parts that include my head)


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