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I think charm bracelet is a gorgeous accessories especially for the young – it’s cute and classic. In my opinion juicy couture made the most girlish of all the other charm bracelet out there. Above is all the charms from Juicy Couture for Spring 09 price wise run from $36.00 to $125.00 each. Well depend on what type of style you want to achieve there’re so many charm bracelet available out there but if you want girlie girlie and feminine look I think Juicy is for you. Some other brand such as from Judith Ripka is also quite feminine

Above: Juicy Couture ‘Clover & Horseshoe’ Starter Bracelet for $68.00 and Juicy Couture Charm Bracelet for $42.00. Available through Nordstorm.com

Above: Juicy Couture Anchor & Compass Bracelet for $98.00 and Judith Ripka ‘Athena’ Berge Link Bracelet for $350.00. Available through Nordstorm.com
And if you happen to love the cool silver look then try to go with Lois Hill, John Hardy or even Chrome Hearts (quite expensive and a very famous silver line among celebrities, world-wide).

Above: Lois Hill Engraved link station bracelet for $324.00 and John Hardy ‘Kali Link’ Donut Clasp Bracelet for $350.00 available through Nordstorm.com

Above Chrome Hearts bracelet available through Chrome Hearts store. Picture source: Wikipedia


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  2. Charms will never go out of style. Every girl must have one! 🙂

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