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Stealing The Classic Hermès Look

Posted by editor On June - 28 - 2013

With the price tag of US$10,300 for a 35 Togo Birkin and US$8,500 for a 32 Kelly Togo Retourne surely it is a statement of wealth and status symbol for one wearing it (for complete Hermès price guide see it here and here. The design for the Birkin and Kelly has been a timeless classic, although quite simple and streamlined in its approach many ladies brag about how beautiful and iconic it is. Other designers also try to achieve the look-a-like Hermès because of its popularity. Has it been successful? Yes and No. Most women will demonized those who try to sell a copy cat version while other perfectly happy with it. And those that portray the look-a-like but still has original touch will gain popularity in different target market.

Cellerini is an Italian based company with high quality leather with high quality craftsmanship that makes beautiful leather products. Some of its women’s bags selections offer a similar flare to Hermès bags such as Lindy, Kelly and Birkin. Below is a sample of its Lindy (blue) compared to the original Hermès Lindy (Brown):

The obvious different is Cellerini does not have the enclosing buckle instead just a plain zipper all the way through.
Other companies decided to just embrace the similar approach but not quite a total copy cat version. Here’s one Birkin inspired by Saint Laurent, a France based company:
Saint Laurent Sac Du Jour mini leather tote ($2,550.00, Summer 2013)

And here’s a Kelly inspired by Marc Jacobs, an American based company:
Marc Jacobs 1984 textured-leather shoulder bag ($1,495.00, Summer 2013)

Salvatore Ferragamo Fara Front-Flap Satchel Bag in Cyprus ($1,950.00, Fall 2012):

Bayswater in Leather by Mulberry:

Here’s how the original mini Kelly Pochette look like:

And this is the look of Lady lock python briefcase clutch from Gucci ($2,390.00, Fall 2013):

Gucci’s Lady lock clutch has a slightly bigger size than the mini Kelly, but with mini Kelly’s price tag of $4,675.00 (regular leather, croc leather will be around $18,000.00) one might consider getting Gucci’s Lady lock for almost half the price in exotic python skin (regular leather $1,590.00).

If the look that matter, not aiming for a social symbol, then there are many options available to get that Hermes classic look without the Hermes price tag and its notorious long waiting time. After all Hermes is loosing its exclusivity these days due to so many people wearing it.


Get the look for less!

Posted by editor On December - 28 - 2010

Sure been a while since I have time to blog. Work has been very busy. Finally holiday season is just around the corner. I bet all of you have done your shopping. However just right after Christmas season many of places have their sale reduced even further and here are some items I found quite catchy this morning:

kate spade new york Cole Velvet Weave Small Tote
$375.00 (sale become $262.50) from bloomingdales.com
The above look resembled bottega veneta weave tote bag with mixing of channel famous leather chain strap, for the original bottega veneta weave tote bag it could cost well over $3,000 easily. here’s the look of bottega weave ostrich leather tote bag:

Another good find:

$398.00 (sale become $278.60) from bloomingdales.com
this Juicy couture bag reminded me of looking into a  marc jacobs quilted tote bag (priced at 1,295.00 went on sale at Neiman at 582.00):
Hoping I could spot some more cool finds. Happy Holiday!

When it comes to accessories, especially necklace we female tend to think of the classy diamond, gold necklace to add that little glam, but wait till you see Suzana Dai‘s jewelry design – she creates stunning classy and chic jewelries from beads, feather, and fabrics yet it looks very sophisticated especially when a Hollywood actresses made it popular: Blake Lively as Serena van der Woodsen in Gossip Girl looking gorgeous with Suzana Dai’s Antwerp Necklace against her blue mini dress.


After all a necklace is not only to accessorize the neck line and collar bone but it serves well to add spark to an elegant and simple dress as well – how thoughtful of Blake to wear it this way (love the way she looks)

here’re more pictures of the necklace:
Antwrep Necklace available for £231.50 from boticca.com or $382.00 from starsandinfinitedarkness.com.
And if you are curious about her bag this is a little info for it:


Notting Hill Design Wesbourne Bag in Sunset Orange Color made of Glossy Phyton leather. Price: £1,895.


Vibram Five Fingers Shoes for Barefooting Sports

Posted by editor On November - 21 - 2009






Soon after I saw one of my colleague wore this barefooted shoe I asked him where can I get one of this? He told me it’s easy just google “five finggered shoe” of course I tried and ended up opening vibranfivefinggers.com a company that come up with this wonderful idea of comfortable five-fingers shoe for barefooting sports.

These shoes comes in various exciting colors for men and women and it run at about $80 dollar a pair.

I’d definetly recommend this for those who likes to do yoga, pilates, dancing and other gym-related stuff such as stregth training that usually will require you to take off your regular shoes off.


My friend recently shared her findings of CocoRose London with me. We both likes to wear our high heels for special events, but of course that little bit part of walking bother us – even just a short walk from the car to our friends’ house BBQ party. I can’t imagine how it would be for women that has to take tubes / subway must be a real pain walking for an event in those killer heels. This foldable flats by CocoRose is very friendly at least it doesn’t appear embarrassing at all because it looks good and secondly it is easy to carry just need to fold them into their fancy small bag (the bag come along with a purchase of every pair of CocoRose).

I am now waiting for the non-bow version of these fancy flaps to come out again. Personally, I am not into the bow stuff – to me it resembles my ballerina practice soles not a fancy flaps. I love the purple silver they pictured on their website header too bad it’s not in stock at the moment. Another good thing about CocoRose is their price point – so much more affordable than Sue London =P



Brocadehome.com made a comeback

Posted by editor On April - 17 - 2009

Brocadehome.com has made a very stunning entry to the furniture market by introducing a romantic European flare furniture line in the mid-price range. This company happen to be a child company of Restoration Hardware, but since its opening in 2008 has been strugle with several negative customer feed-backs perhaps because of its big summer sale event that cause this company to shut down for several months and displaying its website as follow:

too bad it doesn’t do any customer support so people who ordered at that time has been charged and can’t get any support to what’s going on with their order lots of complaints all over the web regarding this company you can find it here and on pissed customer’s site.
Perhaps it’s quite a challenge to establish a new furniture line during the first few years especially in the economy like this – however I am glad that they made a come back and this time they have a store in NY
here’s their address:
brocade home soho
59 greene st (between spring + broome)
open daily
so should there be any further customer issue at least you can be re-assured to be getting the support and customer service you need because you can just call the store =)

I personally intrigue by their product and perhaps will give it a try in the near future. Here’re samples of their product – got it from bh store catalog, very lovely:

brocadehome.com (bh store)


Shop it to me – An easy way to shop with good deals

Posted by editor On April - 8 - 2009

Well recently I learnt from a friend of mine that now you can just sit and relax at home without even having to browse numerous sites for deals because with shopittome.com they’ll email you all good deals, you just have to specify your sizes, brands that you like and they’ll find it for you. A good thing is you can set whether you want to receive good deals everyday or just two days a week or just during weekends so you won’t be bother by the default everyday emails.

Shopittome.com will not make you purchase items from them but instead you’ll go to the website directly and make all purchases there directly with the merchant, it is merely a tool to help you shop better and more efficiently. The company is a new bay area start up established in 2007.


I think charm bracelet is a gorgeous accessories especially for the young – it’s cute and classic. In my opinion juicy couture made the most girlish of all the other charm bracelet out there. Above is all the charms from Juicy Couture for Spring 09 price wise run from $36.00 to $125.00 each. Well depend on what type of style you want to achieve there’re so many charm bracelet available out there but if you want girlie girlie and feminine look I think Juicy is for you. Some other brand such as from Judith Ripka is also quite feminine

Above: Juicy Couture ‘Clover & Horseshoe’ Starter Bracelet for $68.00 and Juicy Couture Charm Bracelet for $42.00. Available through Nordstorm.com

Above: Juicy Couture Anchor & Compass Bracelet for $98.00 and Judith Ripka ‘Athena’ Berge Link Bracelet for $350.00. Available through Nordstorm.com
And if you happen to love the cool silver look then try to go with Lois Hill, John Hardy or even Chrome Hearts (quite expensive and a very famous silver line among celebrities, world-wide).

Above: Lois Hill Engraved link station bracelet for $324.00 and John Hardy ‘Kali Link’ Donut Clasp Bracelet for $350.00 available through Nordstorm.com

Above Chrome Hearts bracelet available through Chrome Hearts store. Picture source: Wikipedia


INCHworm shoes for your kids – all three sizes in one

Posted by editor On April - 3 - 2009

In economy like these I think INCHworm shoes is a cool invention, it allow parents to buy less shoes for their kids because instead of buying three different shoes as their kids’ feet grow, they can buy only one now that will serves all three sizes. How do they do this?

to expand the shoe first press the “iFit button” and…

you’ll see the current size (here shown 11.5)

now try to pull it with both hands…

and voi·là you have just increase the shoe half a size.

Here’s a brief description from inchwormshoes.com and just another tip most of these shoes cost only $40.00 (that’s a good deal for 3 pairs, don’t you think?)

Built right into INCHworm shoes is the iFit technology. The iFit technology allows you to GROW the size of the shoe with a simple push of the button. So eliminate unnecessary trips to the shoe store and provide your children with better fitting shoes that last up to three sizes longer. Inchworm shoes grow in half size increments. Just push the button on the side, and pull the toe of the shoe to adjust into the next size.


Convent Garden Teahouse

Posted by editor On April - 3 - 2009

The Tea house at convent garden station is quite an attraction, so if you happen to be in London maybe it’s a good thing to make a stop here. Its front fascade is a full glass window with lots and lots of colorful stuff and tea display.

People stop to admire and stare because it’s hard to take it all in while just walking by. I have to say this is the most enticing shop window I have seen so far in a tea shop.

The store has cozy atmosphere and hold humongous selections for tea.

It holds more then 100 kinds of teas, including teas form Japan, China, India and traditional English blends.




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