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Data Search Engine

Posted by editor On January - 8 - 2011

Currently most people use Google, Bing or other search engine mostly to merely search for something. Most will either choose to get information back in plain text view search result or image thumbnail search result. Either of these results will display a link that will lead to user to discover more information whether it is in text or in image form.

When you need a search that return just the data you want instead of endless links then Wolfram|Alpha a computational knowledge engine might be just the other option. Basically the search engine generates output by doing computations from its own internal knowledge base, instead of searching the web and returning links. If you are seeking for more reliable result from closed collective data set then Wolfram might certainly suit your need.

The Wolfram|Alpha search basically stated that “It can only know things that are known and somehow public, it only deals with facts, not opinions. It limits the computation time for each query.” and most of its data come from systematic primary sources. to learn more go to Wolfram|Alpha FAQ page.

Wolfram|Alpha is known for its mathematical computation so students these days are pretty lucky they can type any mathematical question and get their answers at an instant. Wolfram|Alpha is also available for major phone platforms such as iPhone, Android, iPad and ebooks – now I wonder how student cheat during their test using these modern technology. I hope teachers will put all their gadget away before entering test room. I tried to play around with this search engine and here some screens I captured.


Search Engine Experience

Posted by editor On December - 19 - 2009

These days people won’t think much about what search engine to use where everyone keep on saying “just google it” which seems like Google is the only thing available to use.

I’ve been using AOL when the first internet industry break through then I started using Yahoo, Alta Vista until Google is out.
I was so happy when I got to use google since it’s so simple, easy to use and the search result is great.

However nowadays you don’t have to get caught up in just one search engine – especially if some information is filtered out (Google banned some websites so search result sometimes won’t be acurate whereas Yahoo and Bing don’t really do that) – I start exploring Bing and its visual search is amazing (especially for visual oriented person like myself – it makes it easy when it comes to shopping search)

Just a comparison of some of the pages that get banned from google (such as textlinkads, ask2link and other SEO related stuff)

Google search result for Text Link Ads:

Google search result for ask2link:ask2link-google-search

Bing and Yahoo result for ask2link and Text Link Ads:
Yahoo search result for Text Link Ads:

Bing search result for ask2link:

Try to pay attention to the screen shot above – Google just eliminates all relevant information by eleminating all search from that particular domain (since it banned the domain) however if you look at Yahoo and Bing they didn’t do that – they display the domain as the 1st result making it more user-friendly approach when you’re really seeking for something.

Other than this Bing and Yahoo also has its own pluses.
Yahoo is extremely fast in screening and giving the user other options while the user type (Look at the dark blue box above) and Bing it’s has a phenomenal user friendly interface especially for its visual search (beta).
Here’s a screen capture of the visual search from Bing versus image search from google:

Google image search result for Kristen Stewart:

and you have to navigate using:

Bing image search result for Kristen Stewart:

and you navigate using this “infinite” scroll bar (I called it infinite because for someone or something that is popular this can get into along one-page type result)

However this makes search easier and less distraction by having to always press each page’s number or “next” button, it’s a hassle – really.
Another cool thing is Bing let you display sizes such as medium pic sizes, large pic sizes or even small pic sizes, making visual search faster especially when it comes to shopping (see below):


Shop for a handbag is as easy as the actual walk in the mall, your eyes scan for things you’re interested not actually staring or looking at it longer than couple seconds (unless you’re into it) so this is a REALLY nice interface to have. This is achieved by getting rid of the pagination links/next buttons and just let the user scroll through all available images. This type of interface bring users closer to the actual shopping experience.
I’m loving BING’s visual search (all you need to do is a fast install of silverlight and you’re good to go)

There are many other cool features BING got to offer (the search engine sometimes act like your Browser – it can clean your search history and has setting/preferences) which for some user I think it’s a big deal, so it’s a plus after all!

Now you can’t really trust that famous search engine for all things, can you?
So why not experiment with different ones? It really pays off when you’re happy with the result!


Twitter’s “Something Is Technically Wrong” message

Posted by editor On December - 13 - 2009

Just right on the moment I feel like tweeting for my blog then I saw this picture with a message that read: “Something is technically wrong. Thanks for noticing – we’re going to fix it up and have things back to normal soon.”


I wonder if this is something that’s new or not so I googled it and apparently TechCrunch seems to get used to this message already – twitter just down (see their post here) – I am hoping they’ll get back soon!

And if you are curious if you open www.twitter.com then they’ll display this message:


“Twitter is over capacity. Too many tweets! Please wait a moment and try again.” – sounded kind of cute, really – but it annoyed me!


Portray of a Classic Romance from Twilight Series

Posted by editor On December - 12 - 2009


Pictured above the main stars from Twilight and New Moon from Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga Book Collection: Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen and Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan.

Belive it or not they did a very good job casting for Edward and Bella character, both actrors are a suitable fit beyond believe. Not only they both looks good on camera but they are very photogenic with a special charm effect in every picture taken. I’ve been looking at some pre-wedding and wedding pictures however nothing have that ‘forever-romance’ sense and look and feel as these couple has (I guess it takes a good acting skill to do this kind of capture then).

Here’s some classic romantic pictures worth to observe (especially those into wedding/romance photography with a taste of fashion):




harper bazaar dec 09 scan-04

harper bazaar dec 09 scan-03


If you are a big fan of twilight just like myself and would like to see more pictures please visit this amazing site (they are our picture source). Some other pictures are from InStyle Magazine, Vanity Fair Magazine and Movie Clips.


I found this hilarious and pretty entertaining while looking for bikini swimsuit and summer dance =)
see it for yourself and enjoy it:

I think they did awesome dancing movements which match the song that they picked. It was a song sung by Christina Milian called “When you look at me”


This Flickr Related Tag Browser has the best user interface in term of image search, too bad it only limits the search to all Flickr images’ tags otherwiser it’d have been the perfect browser image search.

All you need to do is type any word i.e. “design” and it will search all Flickr tags and display images associated with those tags. I like how it displays the result:

Enlargement is easily accessible:
You may navigate more pictures by clicking more underneath thumbnail pictures to show more thumbnail pictures and you can click each thumbnail to get a closer preview of the image you select, even better it provide you with a link to the original flickr photo page by clicking the link at the bottom of the image you are currently viewing.

I think this is way better than the old fashioned google image search so start your picture search the fashionable way, hope this help makes you find things easier in a more comfortable way:



I was watching part of report for Girls Next Door on E! for the first time few days ago. So I just happen to found out the whole thing about Playboy’s founder Hugh Hefner and his three girls living with him in his gorgeous mansion – what a twisted lifestyle I thought… and by end of July 2008 this new Ukranian model named Dasha heard moved into the mansion. Now how will those other three thinks? Life must be sooo overly complicated in the mansion – that’s why that MTV girls next door gain popularity. This 30 minutes show I watched is just about to reveal who will be the winner for the 50 years anniversary Playboy’s new year issue (if I am not mistaken). The winner will be getting a special blue diamond bunny necklace and will be feature in the New Year Issue (January 2009). I suppose this might be  a big dream for any playbol models. The winner was Dasha, bellow is the photo shot that was submitted for the competition:

Actually to me everybody actually look gorgeous, not just her… so sometimes I do wonder what was the decision based on. More over final decision comes from the 82 years old Playboy Founder: Hugh Hefner so must be quite something.

Putting everything aside, Hugh already living with three gorgeous ladies and I have no idea how he deals with all these girls plus their issues – must be quite a mind blowing game as Celebitchy.com mentioned:

It’s got to be hard to keep three women happy. Even as an octogenarian Hef isn’t satisfied with three young gorgeous women. Like a marriage, the familiar gets boring after a while – even if you have three choices.

Now he’s adding the fourth one – a Ukranian beauty into the mansion. I am sure lots of interesting issues will come in between these women.

source 1.
source 2.


On May 24, 2009 roughly about 300 demonstrators gathered at Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas in Madrid, Spain to fights for bullfight abolition.

Anti-bullfighting demonstrator sits amid others laying covered in fake blood while holding a sign that reads ‘Bullfight abolition’

All photo by Jasper Juinen/Getty Images Europe


Humor: Cihuahua standing on cheeseburgers

Posted by editor On May - 20 - 2009

I found this quite a hilarious picture – it made me smile big, so it made my day.
I am sharing it, hoping it will make your day brighter too:

made available by: william hundley through flickr.


Just Another Find: Burger for a dessert

Posted by editor On May - 20 - 2009

Facts for this dessert burgers:
Buns made of vanilla cupcakes
Meat made of a chocolate cuppie
Lettuce from grated green coconut
Mustard and Ketchup made of frosting

What do you think?



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