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Toxic vs Eco Baby and Children Play Mats

Posted by editor On July - 1 - 2013

I really want these colorful alphabet play mats. Last time I saw packs of these at Costco run for about $40.00 a box.
Then I am just curious for its safety so did a little research on it.

Found out that in February 2011 Australia put a probe on EVA foam play mats soon after Belgium pulled out this product in late 2010 followed by France (source – news.com.au). Apparently these made-in-China foam contains:

1. Ammonia

Briefly about it: Ammonia is a strong, colorless gas. If the gas is dissolved in water, it is called liquid ammonia. Poisoning may occur if you breathe in ammonia. Poisoning may also occur if you swallow or touch products that contain very large amounts of ammonia. Ammonia gas can decompose at high temperatures forming very flammable hydrogen and toxic nitrogen dioxide. (source)

2. Formamide

Highly corrosive on contact with skin or eyes and may be deadly if ingested. Inhalation of large amounts of formamide vapor may require medical attention.It is also a teratogen. Formamide should never be handled without proper safety attire including gloves and goggles. There is a small risk of decompostion into hydrogen cyanide and water. (source)

Each of these could be inhaled or ingested especially for baby who loves to put everything into their mouth, especially their hands (and those little hands touch everything), health risks include:

– eye and skin irritation
– reproduction problems
– fetal development problems
– potential cancer risks

After discovering such a hazardous component made up that baby mats I decided to look for something else.
My main area is tile so it’s too hard for my baby who’s not an expert walker yet and being in winter season here down under is pretty cold.

Luckily the other day when I went to Costco here they carry an eco friendly  kid’s play mat called Dwinguler. I’ve been trying to look into its further safety but so far has not heard any concern. The Dwinguler matt is made in Korea and apparently almost 80% of Korean household that has children has this. This is a picture of the material used in this foam (Acryl, Urethane, Resin Foam):

And it’s quite attractive as well with many patterns:


Be Informed Prior To Vaccinate Your Little Ones

Posted by editor On June - 11 - 2013

I never question anything about vaccine and always trust authority figures until I have my own baby and a friend of mine happen to suggested me to not vaccine my baby too early due to various reasons. She then candidly shared her personal experience with me in where her daughter a young mother just like any other new young mothers: trust their doctors and think that whatever their pediatricians say is the best.

So her daughter vaccinated her grandson at the age of nine months and thereafter this little baby boy came down with severe fever. It was a severe adverse reaction to a regular flu vaccine in where later the baby boy ended up paralyzed and unable to move any more of his muscle as normal from the neck down. Of course I felt very devastating upon hearing the tragedy, which later lead me to inquire further about vaccine topics and hopefully bring awareness to young mothers and new parents to really know what they opt for before they decide to vaccinate their young ones.

Quite a favorite past time blog of mine called “MamaNatural” written series of posts on Vaccine:
this is her introduction to vaccines and you can find all complete post of vaccines topic here.

And I also happen to have a co-worker who gave birth just a couple of months earlier than I did and at that time when we spoke about babies and vaccine she told me she’ll wait to vaccinate her son because she just saw this award winning documentary on vaccine, called “The Greater Good Movie” and suggested that I should take a peek into it.

Of course I later watched it and thought it was not only very educative, but highlight other people’s personal stories on vaccine’s tragedy, quite heart breaking but nevertheless it bring about a new take and awareness on educating parents out there about vaccine. Hence would like to share with all of you:

You can download the streaming for $5.00 or buy the DVD for $20.00

For those wanting to watch more documentaries on vaccine there are another one called “Vaccine Nation” and “Vaccine Wars” and if you are keen to look for these videos you can always do a YouTube search sometimes they are available other times taken out due to copyright issues.

Note: the picture above is a screenshot taken from “The Greater Good Movie”


Favorite Nursing Bras

Posted by editor On October - 8 - 2012

Becoming a first time mom that has to do constant direct nursing, because my baby won’t tolerate bottle feeding at all is quite a disenchant for a lingerie lover such myself. During my last trimester of pregnancy I hunted many nursing bras but of course haven’t been a mom yet I have no clue what to look for in a nursing bra. I grunted in dismay because everywhere I look for nursing bras I found dull design and sadly but true most bras just don’t feel comfortable when I tried on. I just thought I’d share what I stumble so far on what works and what don’t on nursing bras.

As mentioned before I am a big fan of lingerie. So getting used to beautiful collections such as Victoria’s Secret, Chantelle, La Perla, Malizia by La Perla, Simone Perele, and more… it’s quite a difficult task to find elegant nursing bras with expectation of such sophisticated design encompassing great material such as the ever so soft and beautiful Chantilly lace. Yes my first hunt is for style not for comfort so here are couple of nursing bras having the style and great design: HotMilk Mama, PANACHE, and Cake Lingerie. I like them because they come with great support and no underwire.

Shown above is HotMilk mama.

Above is PANACHE and below is Cake Lingerie

Although these nursing bras are stylish and fashionable, the comfort level and practicality of these bras simply not at the top notch level. Of course this is based on my own experience because I am in constant nursing situation and nursing isn’t neat, period. If baby won’t latch it’s a mess, if there’s let down it’s another mess, so I ended up having to wash nursing bras all the time and hand wash isn’t an option because like most mom, I am so exhausted and tired with taking care of the baby so I opted for a more functional and easy to use type of nursing bra which is the sleep nursing bra with no clip. If I have to wear clip style nursing bra I’d opt for Bravado! Bravado! offers great support and comfort but its clip style to me means extra time and just extra hassle.

pictured above is Bravado!

Despite its fashionless look, sleep nursing bra is my most favorite nursing bra style. These bras are comfortable, fast to handle for on and off nursing and easy to maintain. I like Motherhood Maternity Sleep bra and Majamas sleep bra.

above is majamas nursing sleep bra and below is motherhood maternity wrap nursing sleep bra

The Majamas is made out of elastic material while the Motherhood maternity is made of 100% cotton.
At the end comfort and functionality has won me over design, because believe it or not motherhood is tough for a first timer. Having these sleep style bra is very convenient and to me is very user friendly. I’ll post another topic on how to nurse both in private and in public and why this no clip style bra is on my top preference.


Design Inspiration for Nursery and Kids Room

Posted by editor On April - 29 - 2009

I love nursery design project, though I tend to like design for baby girl than for baby boy because there are so many cute objects to match with baby pastel colors. I collect these nursery pictures for my inspiration purposes, enjoy it.

This detail and the above kid’s room in fuchsia color is from the current HGTV 2009 Green Home

source: HGTV


COTTONMONSTER – good for kids?

Posted by editor On April - 15 - 2009

Art of quilting and fabric crafting that totally inspire by monster – can you believe this. It sounded scarry at first but after seeing Jennifer’s creation these monster are so adorable and it reminds me of Monster Inc =)

So if your kids afraid of those terrible monster you might want to let your kids get used to the idea of these cute monster, I don’t know if this will make little kids more comfortable or more agitated – what do you think?

pictures from: cottonmonster.com


INCHworm shoes for your kids – all three sizes in one

Posted by editor On April - 3 - 2009

In economy like these I think INCHworm shoes is a cool invention, it allow parents to buy less shoes for their kids because instead of buying three different shoes as their kids’ feet grow, they can buy only one now that will serves all three sizes. How do they do this?

to expand the shoe first press the “iFit button” and…

you’ll see the current size (here shown 11.5)

now try to pull it with both hands…

and voi·là you have just increase the shoe half a size.

Here’s a brief description from inchwormshoes.com and just another tip most of these shoes cost only $40.00 (that’s a good deal for 3 pairs, don’t you think?)

Built right into INCHworm shoes is the iFit technology. The iFit technology allows you to GROW the size of the shoe with a simple push of the button. So eliminate unnecessary trips to the shoe store and provide your children with better fitting shoes that last up to three sizes longer. Inchworm shoes grow in half size increments. Just push the button on the side, and pull the toe of the shoe to adjust into the next size.


The Art of Towel Folding From Carnival Cruise Ships

Posted by editor On March - 20 - 2009

A dog in resting position

An elephant                                 Mother and Baby Seals

I just got back from the Mexico weekender cruise by Carnival. I remembered I had so much fun while I join the origami towel session (lesson to make stuff animal from folding towels – above pictures are my own creation). Yes the Cruise Ships stewards actually do this as a customary to greet their guests, so each night their guest came back to their cabin they had folded towels into neat animals. Won’t it be fun to treat guests coming to your place with these stuff animal towels? especially for if you’re thinking of making event this Easter season – it surely can be a good part of Easter’s gathering activity.

Watch how to do it here:

here are couple more stuff animals made by others:

source: hubpages.com


It’s Barbie’s 50th Birthday!

Posted by Smurfette On March - 9 - 2009

I grew up playing with Barbie.  She had a lot of clothes and shoes and she always looks good in any of them. My first Barbie doll had long blond hair and I quickly learned that her hair is more delicate than mine. I once washed and blow dried her hair. After that her hair was never the same again. 

I can’t believe that today is Barbie’s 50th birthday! She made her debut on March 9, 1959. By the way, do you know Barbie’s official name? It’s Barbara Millicent Roberts.  For the longest time, I’ve only known her as Barbie.

Image from www.news.bbc.co.uk

Image from marketing.blogs.ie.edu

Do you think Barbie looks like this now that she is 50? I think this Barbie is too old to look 50. I always assume Barbie will still look hot in her fifties. This is probably suitable for 70 year old Barbie. What do you think?

Image from funny-potato.com
Find out whether Barbie’s measurements are realistic after the jump!
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Italian Chicken – A Fool Proof Way to Cook Chicken Breast

Posted by Smurfette On February - 27 - 2009

I have to admit that I am not a good cook and I am not trying to be one. Despite my lack of enthusiasm in cooking, I still need to feed healthy food to my family. We all know that chicken breast is the healthiest chicken cut. However, I can never cook chicken breast that tastes good. It is always dry and hard. I tried baking it, frying it and even slow cooking it. Nothing works. Finally, I tried a really easy recipe (I do not remember where I got it from)
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Nyokki Grass Pets

Posted by editor On February - 23 - 2009

Do you want pets that are super cute yet low maintenance? Pets that don’t shed hair, don’t need to be walked, and don’t need a vet. Meet Nyokki Grass Pets from www.Wrapables.com

Nyokki means grow in Japanese, and that’s exactly what these Nyokki Pets do! These little pet plants are adorable and original and they are hand made in Japan from glazed ceramic. They are shaped like eggs with fabric legs. Filled with a growing media and rye grass seeds, these Nyokki pets are easy to grow – seeds germinate and grass grows to full height in less than two weeks. You can style your Nyokki’s “hair” or cut it and watch it grow again! Comes as a set of two matching Nyokki pets. Choose from Monkey, Chickee, Froggie, Piglet, Kitty and Bear.

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