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Coffee Art Design

Posted by editor On June - 29 - 2013

Food and drink can be so much fun with a totally new ingredient: CREATIVITY!
I’d love to share these pictures for inspiration.

kazuki yamamoto’s creation:

Kazuki Yamamoto is a Japanese native latte artist famous for his 3D foam creation. The currently 26 year old artist now working as a barista in Cafe10g in Osaka, but he dreams of opening his own cafe in Tokyo one day. for more pictures follow him on his twitter and see his uploaded pictures here.

A great art depicting how hard it is to prepare your coffee.
Couple inspiring coffee cup designs:

Sweet couple: Coffee and Chocolate – they goes well together.

Very cute design, encourage great marketing. Tempted to order more?

Design totally transfer matter from ordinary to extraordinary. Sometimes all it need is a good tweak.
pictures posted on Femtalk’s Pinterest board.


Amazing Designer Light Installations

Posted by editor On June - 24 - 2013

The above installation entitled CLOUD was conceived by a Calgary artist Caitlind Brown, her project was made from six thousand light bulbs along with its string switch cascading down engaging viewers to participate by pulling each string to turn on and off the light bulb. This installation was part of the nuit blanche all-night contemporary arts festival in Calgary, Canada.

Above is the most romantic lighting display, creating an ethereal experience for one walking through this massive light shower structure. The light installation by Bruce Munro in the Salisbury Cathedral was completed in 2010,  with over 600 installers 2000 strands of fiber optic cable with a teardrop diffuser at the end, this lighting installation showcase beautiful rain drop of stars. Sadly the viewing only last from 29 November 2010 until 27 February 2011.

What a fantasy world, the above lighting display reminds me of AVATAR. Close to nature setting, the lighting installation was by Bruce Munro for Eden Project in Cornwall, England. Sadly the lighting display has recently closed (March 2013). The installation was comprised of 6,000 acrylic stems with fiber optic cables that represent light flowers or seeds that “blossom” at night.


Kastor A Designer Pencil Sharperner

Posted by editor On June - 16 - 2013

Very cute and sleek: beaver pencil sharpener by Rodrigo Torres Kastor for Alessi
Produced in 2013, this chrome plated sharpener available in the market for around US $49.99 or EUR 37.00.

Here’s a little close up, look at that cute mouth hole, ready to chomp down your pencil 😉


Edible Agar Agar Cups

Posted by editor On December - 31 - 2010

Karim Rashid in Objectify stated if we toss away our cell phone every couple of year why not make a cell phone from a card board? In a way he challenges product designers to design for the whole cycle not just until that product complete its production stage but also to consider how to deal with the waste after user has done using the object.

These day we have so much waste and USA is a major exporter of landfill to develop countries. Our garbage landed massively in other part of the world creating pollution and massive damage while our European counterparts deal with their garbage and recycle it in within their country territory and not allowing exporting their landfill outside Europe.

Interestingly enough plastic is quite a toxic waste but we usually use our daily plastic cups in parties and gathering without even thinking what have we caused. A New York based design firm called The Way We See The World recently tried to get $10,000 to prototype and model their biodegradable edible cups product from the fund-raising site.

The cup known as Jelloware basically are made of agar, a gelatinous substance. Don’t worry if you are a vegetarian because the cup is a vegan food. The fun fact about the cup not only you can sip water but you can also eat your cup, don’t worry if you can’t finish it since it’s biodegradable just toss it away! This agar agar cup comes in various shape with different flavors, such as lemon-basil, ginger-mint, or rosemary-beet, to compliment a corresponding drink.


iPhone iPad calling iFans out there to embrace this iFurniture

Posted by editor On December - 30 - 2010

iPhone and iPad is the hype of the season, it makes the biggest sale for this Christmas season on eBay. Yes, there are other popular gadgets like kindle which is Amazon’s biggest sale this Christmas. However almost everyone admit they’re some what iPhoneatic!

Look at the design of this piece of furniture – it’s so iPad inspired.

Accidentally the rounded corner rectangles have been quite popular shape lately.
What next a rounded corner fashion wear? bags or shoes perhaps? I really wonder how that’d look like.

see more pictures.


Looking for furniture to decorate kids’ room?

Posted by editor On October - 23 - 2010

Not to worry too much these days selections for children room and furniture are amazing. I stumble upon a site that sell beautiful children furniture named Rosenberry Rooms when I am looking to buy for myself a white table for my home office. Here are some of my favorite picks:

Emma Treasures Mansion Bed

Emma Treasure Vanity Bench

Isabella Vanity Computer Desk

Princess Bed

Wooden hanging letter


Charaben Japanese Bento Box Food Design

Posted by editor On April - 9 - 2010

Japanese people are just crazy neat! Even for food their preparation is endless hours and thoughtfully presented, thoroughly designed and deliciously cooked. see these you tube bento collection and some pictures I collected from internet:


Bear faces Charaben

Poodle Doggie Charaben



Teddy Bear Charaben

Three Little Piggies Charaben

Winnie The Pooh Charaben

Hello Kitty Charaben




I recently tried to cook one of annathered.com Japanese hamburg, of course I didn’t spent crazy time decorating like hers but her Japanese hamburg recipe was good and my husband ate 4 patties out of 6 patties I cooked after finishing his take-out thai meal, so it was THAT good because he can ate that much on his second round of dinner =)

what is Japanese style hamburg? it’s basically ground beef patty with sauce:

I did try one food art – to make the peanut butter with chocolate hazelnut spread (like nutella spread from Italy) sandwhich. It taste like the usual sweet spread sandwhich but I love the look I created, it’s inspired by annathered.com (so after reading her blog I just went and try out to make some food art) see my creation below:




The Villa by Barton G. in Miami Beach, Florida

Posted by editor On March - 24 - 2010

Check out this newly renovated Casa Casuarina which was just re-open in March 2010. Amazing luxury concept vacation in South Beach, Miami Florida. This place was formerly owned by Gianni Versace. Amazing design a must see if you get the chance and fortune.







Product Design: Portable ‘Gota” Dishwasher

Posted by editor On March - 20 - 2010

Don’t you just love the idea of having a dishwasher at convinient? Yes, the current one we have is quite convinient but not the bulk size of it and when it come to installation it’s a tedious job. If you are a student living in a dorm you won’t have the luxury of dishwasher at your comfort so I think it is certainly handy to have a portable dishwasher like this Gota dishwasher – you just gotta have it!


I am in love with the curve modern design of this product.

seems like a great concept though, too bad all of this just a concept and not yet real – hoping they’ll have it sometime soon for those desparately in need of this.

see source here for more gota dishwasher pictures – neat concept.


Artistic Wall and Graphic Design for Interior Wall

Posted by editor On February - 15 - 2010

pictured above: installation for a living room

How do you like to be able to have a custom painted wall for your home? Maybe you’ve been dreaming about having it but can’t imagine how difficult it may be having to hire custom painter or artist to paint just one designated wall and not counting how long it’ll take them to be in and out your home, and the mess and the no-time issue.

I recently found this website called muralsyourway.com that make custom print really achievable in a very easy way – you can even user your own image, how cool is that to be able to personalized your home with your own picture collections?

The installation and removal process is as easy as wallpaper installation and the effect is custom graphic design art, custom photography, art or paintings that you like up on the wall of your designated space. See samples below – you can browse more ideas in muralsyourway.com.

Pictured above: Installation for a nursery room

Pictured above: Installation for a bedroom

Pictured above: another installation for a nursery room



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