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Be Informed Prior To Vaccinate Your Little Ones

Posted by editor On June - 11 - 2013

I never question anything about vaccine and always trust authority figures until I have my own baby and a friend of mine happen to suggested me to not vaccine my baby too early due to various reasons. She then candidly shared her personal experience with me in where her daughter a young mother just like any other new young mothers: trust their doctors and think that whatever their pediatricians say is the best.

So her daughter vaccinated her grandson at the age of nine months and thereafter this little baby boy came down with severe fever. It was a severe adverse reaction to a regular flu vaccine in where later the baby boy ended up paralyzed and unable to move any more of his muscle as normal from the neck down. Of course I felt very devastating upon hearing the tragedy, which later lead me to inquire further about vaccine topics and hopefully bring awareness to young mothers and new parents to really know what they opt for before they decide to vaccinate their young ones.

Quite a favorite past time blog of mine called “MamaNatural” written series of posts on Vaccine:
this is her introduction to vaccines and you can find all complete post of vaccines topic here.

And I also happen to have a co-worker who gave birth just a couple of months earlier than I did and at that time when we spoke about babies and vaccine she told me she’ll wait to vaccinate her son because she just saw this award winning documentary on vaccine, called “The Greater Good Movie” and suggested that I should take a peek into it.

Of course I later watched it and thought it was not only very educative, but highlight other people’s personal stories on vaccine’s tragedy, quite heart breaking but nevertheless it bring about a new take and awareness on educating parents out there about vaccine. Hence would like to share with all of you:

You can download the streaming for $5.00 or buy the DVD for $20.00

For those wanting to watch more documentaries on vaccine there are another one called “Vaccine Nation” and “Vaccine Wars” and if you are keen to look for these videos you can always do a YouTube search sometimes they are available other times taken out due to copyright issues.

Note: the picture above is a screenshot taken from “The Greater Good Movie”


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