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On May 24, 2009 roughly about 300 demonstrators gathered at Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas in Madrid, Spain to fights for bullfight abolition.

Anti-bullfighting demonstrator sits amid others laying covered in fake blood while holding a sign that reads ‘Bullfight abolition’

All photo by Jasper Juinen/Getty Images Europe


13 Responses to ““Activist Undress In An Anti-Bullfighting Demonstration””

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  2. fabolous says:

    bullfight is awesome.kill the vicious beast!

  3. munk07 says:

    I personally think that bullfighting is alright. There is a lot of blood, and death, but the human fighter is at risk of dying as much as the bull is. People look at the dead bulls and feel bad, but its a fight, and the bull is fighting back. Its showing the strength of humans. If you dont like bullfighing, stop watching it and eat your steak.

  4. maia says:

    OMG. how stupid are the comments here. you all should check the facts of bullfighting and do a little research before you post something.
    bullfighting will NEVER be alright, and the struggle will never EVER end for us who want this to end.

  5. Sef says:

    Bullfighting is unnecessary and cruel to the animals. You cannot justify it by saying the human is as much at risk as the bull is because the majority of the time the bulls are put through extreme conditions to make them ‘good fighters’ before their fights. Their testes are tied, and cold water is poured on them constantly to keep them from sleeping. They are made sure to be left as irritable as possible and then when the fight ensues, the bulls are stabbed and provoked to a slow death. In some instances humans are injured as well but that is the choice of the human. Where is the choice for the bull? If you thinking slaughtering a cow for food is just as cruel as this, you’re sadly mistaken. The majority of cows in the slaughterhouse meet a quick end and are killed for a good purpose. Food. What is the purpose here other than cruelty and the enjoyment of those sick minded souls that enjoy watching another being suffer?

  6. Roeyl says:

    I agree with Sef here.
    The only persons who think bullfighting is alright are either mistaken or mad (or so I think). Both examples are available in the comments here:

    “but the human fighter is at risk of dying as much as the bull is”, that’s not true. Simple maths: if it was 50-50, then half of the time the torero would die, this is far from the case. If, though, it was true, then corridas would have been abolished long ago. This is not a fight (unlike the name indicates) it is brutal slaughter.
    Another ‘argument’ used is it’s an old tradition (in Spain and France for example). This argument is not logic: in a modern, is keeping slaughter as an old tradition is any help to evolution? Do you still see gladiators in arenas? I don’t think so.

    “bullfight is awesome.kill the vicious beast!” no offence fabolous, but that’s madness, (or sarcasm?).

  7. Jamie Leigh Watson says:

    the bull fighters are nothing but lowly cowards! they literally torture the bulls to death. and people saying its alright are ignorant, and a bunch or hypocrites, who need a moral check!

  8. Ruth says:

    I Suport It All The Way! Bull Fighting Is Wrong!!

  9. elm says:

    I agree. Bullfighting is wrong. These poor animals suffer. The contest is often fixed so the human if a beginner, is less likely to become injured. Those people are inhumane! Sick! and unworthy of any prize, cash or honor. They should be shamed!

  10. abhi says:

    those who think this is okay are dumb.The bull is fighting but it is his natural instinct.God gave humans brains and feelings like love,joy and emotions which makes us different from animals.
    and yes fabolous u should get raped…..

  11. Vanessa says:

    i think that bull fighting is a HORRIBLE sport. its unnecessary and violent. Why would you kill for fun??? And pop Pius V said that it is an act from the devil. 250,000 bulls die EACH year, 50,000 just die in Europe!!! in the last 50 years only 10 fighters have died…and 12500000 bulls have and most likely more died. Have a heart and DO NOT support bullfighting!!
    SOOOO much more to say but if i kept talking., i would have taken up this whole page! hehe

  12. catalina says:

    Ah, the beauty of watching life slowly turning to it’s end. Possibly with lots of blood, noise and screaming. Humans seem to have a strangely sick interest in violence hence the popularity of bullfights. It’s in human nature, it won’t change. Just like the gore movies won’t go away. We keep watching them, it’s pointless to denie that. I think it’s all right to try manifest against them and all that but as pathetic as it sounds, it’s not going to end all of it. We will always be able to find some other form to please our blood-thirsty nature. Dog-fights, chicken fights, even man-to-man fights. Untill there’s blood and agression, people will pay to see it and fights will go on.
    I sound so pessimistic, I know. But you know I’m not wrong.

  13. Mike says:

    Bulls are only killed in spanish or mexican bullfighting. And even in those they don’t feel like they are just killing a bull slowly, the bull is a majestic animal that dies in the arena with honor.I guarantee that everyone that is leaving a “how dare you” comment has never been to a bloodless bullfight. There is very little wrong with it.

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