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What can you do to improve the bathroom, really? Especially if it is a guest bathroom we’re talking about here. Well there’s this lovely idea from wrapables.com that let you have a little unsual sweet flare for your guests.

I am having my mother-in-law coming for a visit this week-end and I just want to have a nice touch for a welcoming guest sort-of-thing, and love this small towelette idea.

The Cupcake Towels comes in set of 2! Priced at $9.95, it includes one Strawberry and one Cherry “cupcake.” The Strawberry features a fluffy vanilla washcloth curled up to look like a delicious cupcake, with a fresh looking strawberry magnet on top. The Cherry features a chocolate washcloth with a pair of plastic cherry magnets on top. Each “cupcake” is wrapped around with designer-print bakery paper. Washcloths made of cotton and measure 13.4″ x 13.8″.

Source: wrapables.com


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  1. magkano po yung cupcake towel na nasa picture? at ano pa po yung iba nyong cupcake towel designs ?

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