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What do we all consider to be a healthy eating?
Most of us would definitely give the typical SAD (standard American diet) answer which is to avoid fatty and greasy foods and consume more greens, lots of fruits with some lean meats.

So why America – the 5th lowest smoking rate among developed country and the lowest fat consumption per capita – suffers the highest obesity rate in the world and more over, heart attack listed as the number one hospital death cause in the country? Part of the hidden truth is because of what we’ve been told all along from the American dietary and nutritional guidelines has been skewed. Here’s the info-graphics that clearly explained why we get fat.

If you want in-depth information there is this article entitled “Enjoy Saturated Fats, They’re Good for You!” by by Donald W. Miller, Jr., MD a cardiac surgeon and a professor.

Infographics source: massive health the maker of “The Eatery” iPhone App that helps you keep in track of your carbo consumption, pretty helpful app.

And if you’d like to start adapting to low carb high fat diet this Swedish Diet Blog is quite helpful for recipes and what to cook tips.


Taylor Swift in Christian Siriano

Posted by editor On October - 12 - 2012

I simply love Swift’s look for her fragrance ad. She is stunningly gorgeous in the Christian Siriano‘s gown made for the Spring Summer 2011 collection. Love the whole dreamy and fairy tale concept behind it.

Her make-up is also a steal =)

It’s even more stunning to see the gown in motion, here’s her ad video from youtube:


What Is Wrong with American Educational System?

Posted by editor On October - 9 - 2012

Below is the one comic that explained how screwed education in America really is. We all know education is very important and indeed is a basic human right. In America when one has a student loan, he or she can’t get a way from it different from any other type of debt. We often believe people have equal access for a higher education in America, the truth is with price tag so high per course’s unit most Americans can’t afford higher education, they ended up really behind (in debt) just when they’re about to start their lives.


Favorite Nursing Bras

Posted by editor On October - 8 - 2012

Becoming a first time mom that has to do constant direct nursing, because my baby won’t tolerate bottle feeding at all is quite a disenchant for a lingerie lover such myself. During my last trimester of pregnancy I hunted many nursing bras but of course haven’t been a mom yet I have no clue what to look for in a nursing bra. I grunted in dismay because everywhere I look for nursing bras I found dull design and sadly but true most bras just don’t feel comfortable when I tried on. I just thought I’d share what I stumble so far on what works and what don’t on nursing bras.

As mentioned before I am a big fan of lingerie. So getting used to beautiful collections such as Victoria’s Secret, Chantelle, La Perla, Malizia by La Perla, Simone Perele, and more… it’s quite a difficult task to find elegant nursing bras with expectation of such sophisticated design encompassing great material such as the ever so soft and beautiful Chantilly lace. Yes my first hunt is for style not for comfort so here are couple of nursing bras having the style and great design: HotMilk Mama, PANACHE, and Cake Lingerie. I like them because they come with great support and no underwire.

Shown above is HotMilk mama.

Above is PANACHE and below is Cake Lingerie

Although these nursing bras are stylish and fashionable, the comfort level and practicality of these bras simply not at the top notch level. Of course this is based on my own experience because I am in constant nursing situation and nursing isn’t neat, period. If baby won’t latch it’s a mess, if there’s let down it’s another mess, so I ended up having to wash nursing bras all the time and hand wash isn’t an option because like most mom, I am so exhausted and tired with taking care of the baby so I opted for a more functional and easy to use type of nursing bra which is the sleep nursing bra with no clip. If I have to wear clip style nursing bra I’d opt for Bravado! Bravado! offers great support and comfort but its clip style to me means extra time and just extra hassle.

pictured above is Bravado!

Despite its fashionless look, sleep nursing bra is my most favorite nursing bra style. These bras are comfortable, fast to handle for on and off nursing and easy to maintain. I like Motherhood Maternity Sleep bra and Majamas sleep bra.

above is majamas nursing sleep bra and below is motherhood maternity wrap nursing sleep bra

The Majamas is made out of elastic material while the Motherhood maternity is made of 100% cotton.
At the end comfort and functionality has won me over design, because believe it or not motherhood is tough for a first timer. Having these sleep style bra is very convenient and to me is very user friendly. I’ll post another topic on how to nurse both in private and in public and why this no clip style bra is on my top preference.



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