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Albarracin in Spain

Posted by editor On June - 28 - 2009

Albarracin in Spain is a small village in the northeastern part of Spain in the area called Aragon. The village is known for its beautiful structures built of carved wood and stone decorated with ornate iron fixtures produced in the local forges. A striking reddish color dominates the houses that are perched on narrow streets on the steep hillsides. The region, one of the least populated of Spain, is famous for its cured ham and Moorish influence.


In Love with Zhang Ziyi’s Dress

Posted by editor On June - 24 - 2009

I think Ziyi’s dress in Coco Chanel Igor Stravinsky Premiere 2009 suited her very well. She rendered a simple yet elegant image of a lady here. If you asked who designed this – too bad I don’t have any idea who is the designer of this gorgeous piece of pink silverish dress, but I would love to hear a comment if any of you know the designer of her dress and her purse. The purse might have been a Judith Leiber but not so sure…
And I really love the backless part of her dress, see it below:

I like the low cut back that seems to drape perfectly on her petit body, however I dislike is the rather horizontal lining of the dress’s texture especially on the under breast portion somehow it appear as to stretch out someone’s belly and doesn’t really help shaping the body (unlike versace dress in where women’s body’s part always seems to be enchance to be better, in my own oppinion).


I found this hilarious and pretty entertaining while looking for bikini swimsuit and summer dance =)
see it for yourself and enjoy it:

I think they did awesome dancing movements which match the song that they picked. It was a song sung by Christina Milian called “When you look at me”


What do you think of private area trimmings for guys?

Posted by editor On June - 18 - 2009

gillette presented this YouTube video on how to keep private area cleaner for guys:

I found it rather informative that they do their commercial with this kind of tips.
and what do other women think about whether guys should shave or not?

Female 1:
hairless is better. it feels better and looks better. my boyfriend use to shave, then he got lazy and quit. at first it hurt me when it started growing back…. like a bush burn.. yuck not fun.
so now im stuck with this fur ball…. or balls, lol.
Female 2:
yes, i love it when they shave cuz it’s cleaner that way and it feels good that way
Female 3:
I think it’s great when guys shave, it makes many things more enjoyable.

So what do you think?


Stone Planter Zen Garden

Posted by editor On June - 16 - 2009

I found this amazing stone planter that will surely decorate garden and landscape the natural way with ZEN garden look and feel.

This harmonious garden idea is also used by Kim from “myles of style” HGTV TV show in her episode called “Tropical Outdoor Retreat” she created a living art wall full of succulent plant:

If you like this natural living art you may want to take a look at Zen Stone Planter’s website and blog. Aside from stone planter they have slate planters as well that give the old rustic look with a simple form.


Product Design – Bed Styles

Posted by editor On June - 11 - 2009

So many ideas for bed design out there, enjoy my favorites among the many styles of bed design:

very modular and flexible molecular bed acting just like the title says =)
this bed is designed by Animi Causa.

Designed by Guido Rosati for Saba Italia, the scoop sofa bed. Semi circular shapes combine into one will make the bed for you or your guest and if separated will still keep a trendy sofa form for the living room – nicely designed to serve its function.

The “fantasy coach bed” a creation inspired by fairy grandmother’s magic from Cinderella story. This bed will surely make your little daughter feel like a princess with its $47,000 price tag.

Created by Italian designer Andrea Lucatello. The hanging bed comes in many colors and sizes. This bed certainly give illusion of hanging although it’s not necessarily floating in the air. Cost from $5,864

LOMME (Light Over Matter Mind Evolution) bed is created to achieve rejuvenation sleeping experience through its special shape design based on thorough research and study.



New way to make money in pet society through mystery box

Posted by editor On June - 11 - 2009

I have been testing this for a while and it works… so I wish to share it with all of you…
just to keep it low though otherwise the developer might banned this method again.

first of you should have a friend whom you can trust to trade with otherwise it won’t work
so here’s how it’s gonna work:
buy a mystery box – open it – don’t like it – then press refresh (F5)
by luck sometime this mystery box will remain unopened after you refresh it will be a mystery box still sitting inside the chest. And if you open it again it will give you that same item that you dislike so you have to gift that mystery box to that someone you trusted and that person upon will receive this gift in their doorstep. That person can open it an if dislike the item press refresh again and it will be in front of their doorstep again and can open it again and will render a new item.
so you can trade mystery boxes with trusted friends and it will make sure you get the item you want
some items from GMB may have big resale value such as 999 coins so good luck on that
for item references please refer to: pet society database.


This Flickr Related Tag Browser has the best user interface in term of image search, too bad it only limits the search to all Flickr images’ tags otherwiser it’d have been the perfect browser image search.

All you need to do is type any word i.e. “design” and it will search all Flickr tags and display images associated with those tags. I like how it displays the result:

Enlargement is easily accessible:
You may navigate more pictures by clicking more underneath thumbnail pictures to show more thumbnail pictures and you can click each thumbnail to get a closer preview of the image you select, even better it provide you with a link to the original flickr photo page by clicking the link at the bottom of the image you are currently viewing.

I think this is way better than the old fashioned google image search so start your picture search the fashionable way, hope this help makes you find things easier in a more comfortable way:



Futuristic Product Design Concepts

Posted by editor On June - 2 - 2009

I found a post titled “100 amazing futuristic design concepts we wish were real” and some of them are pretty cool. These are my favorites from the hundred list:

Cloud Sofa – concept created by designer D.K. Wei.

Futuristic Glass Scanner by Mac Funamizu
This glass will act as a scanner, a digital camera, and an internet-connected wireless device all in one package.

E-Rope modular power strip by Chul Min Kang and Sung Hun Lim
A 2006 Idea Award winning concept. Blue lights on the device glow to indicate power is flowing, and if you rotate the socket section 90 degrees, it turns off the current. What I like about this is the angular design that enable charging many phone adapters in one extension power strips without taking too much space.

Spokeless Wheels Bike by Bradford Waugh.
The concept of spokeless wheels – love it.

Futuristic iPhone Concept by Robert Davis
See-through Apple iPhone concept – I don’t know how to implement this but if it’s happening I think it’s so cool and I wonder if I can use this as a pocket mirror as well =)

would like to see more? enjoy the rest 95 futuristic design concepts from the source.



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