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I was watching part of report for Girls Next Door on E! for the first time few days ago. So I just happen to found out the whole thing about Playboy’s founder Hugh Hefner and his three girls living with him in his gorgeous mansion – what a twisted lifestyle I thought… and by end of July 2008 this new Ukranian model named Dasha heard moved into the mansion. Now how will those other three thinks? Life must be sooo overly complicated in the mansion – that’s why that MTV girls next door gain popularity. This 30 minutes show I watched is just about to reveal who will be the winner for the 50 years anniversary Playboy’s new year issue (if I am not mistaken). The winner will be getting a special blue diamond bunny necklace and will be feature in the New Year Issue (January 2009). I suppose this might be  a big dream for any playbol models. The winner was Dasha, bellow is the photo shot that was submitted for the competition:

Actually to me everybody actually look gorgeous, not just her… so sometimes I do wonder what was the decision based on. More over final decision comes from the 82 years old Playboy Founder: Hugh Hefner so must be quite something.

Putting everything aside, Hugh already living with three gorgeous ladies and I have no idea how he deals with all these girls plus their issues – must be quite a mind blowing game as Celebitchy.com mentioned:

It’s got to be hard to keep three women happy. Even as an octogenarian Hef isn’t satisfied with three young gorgeous women. Like a marriage, the familiar gets boring after a while – even if you have three choices.

Now he’s adding the fourth one – a Ukranian beauty into the mansion. I am sure lots of interesting issues will come in between these women.

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My friend recently shared her findings of CocoRose London with me. We both likes to wear our high heels for special events, but of course that little bit part of walking bother us – even just a short walk from the car to our friends’ house BBQ party. I can’t imagine how it would be for women that has to take tubes / subway must be a real pain walking for an event in those killer heels. This foldable flats by CocoRose is very friendly at least it doesn’t appear embarrassing at all because it looks good and secondly it is easy to carry just need to fold them into their fancy small bag (the bag come along with a purchase of every pair of CocoRose).

I am now waiting for the non-bow version of these fancy flaps to come out again. Personally, I am not into the bow stuff – to me it resembles my ballerina practice soles not a fancy flaps. I love the purple silver they pictured on their website header too bad it’s not in stock at the moment. Another good thing about CocoRose is their price point – so much more affordable than Sue London =P



Funky Weird and Fun-to-look-at furnishing objects

Posted by editor On May - 31 - 2009

From top to bottom: Cricket cabinets, Time flies Clock (you may arrange how the butterflies fly on the wall, composed of four detachable pieces), crawl-up corner sofa, floating bottle vases.

Once in a while I’m sure it’s quite a fun thing to do – experimenting with funky furniture pieces in an interior space.



Sodium Laureth Sulfate in Soap Products (Cancer causing chemical)

Independent laboratory test tested 48 products, including baby shampoos, bubble baths, baby lotions, for 1,4-dioxane (dioxin).  Measurable level of chemicals showed up in 67 percent of samples. Even top products, such as Johnson’s Baby Shampoo and Sesame Street Bubble Bath, contained both chemicals.

Many shampoos, soap, and baby bath bubbles products may contain chemicals linked to cancerNone of the tested products listed formaldehyde or 1,4-dioxane as ingredients in their packaging, because they are not subject to FDA labeling laws. However, common ingredients such as Sodium Laureth Sulfate, PEG-100 Stearate, Polyethylene and Ceteareth-20 . All these chemicals may produce the toxic chemicals causing cancer since they are processed with the carcinogen called “Ethylene Oxide”.

Also, certain chemical preservatives, such as quaternium-15, DMDM hydantoin, imidazolidinyl urea, and diazolidinyl urea, release formaldehyde over time in product containers.

Unlike many other countries, there are no laws that limit formaldehyde and 1,4-dioxane or other toxic chemicals in personal care products (soaps, cosmetics, shampoos) sold in the United States, even though safer alternatives exist; in the United States, FDA does not regulate these chemicals, that are linked to cancer, birth defects, and adverse health effects.

The problems with these products are that these products (soap products) are used every day, so consumers get frequent and repeated exposure to these low levels of chemicals.
Many chemical-free alternatives and consumers are advised to choose ones that are less toxic.

Visit http://www.safecosmetics.org/toxictub for more information.


Cancer and Chemicals In Our Daily Life (BPA, Dioxin)

Posted by editor On May - 30 - 2009

Cancer causing chemical called \"BPA\" exist in metal can containers and beverage cans, and also in plastic food storage containers, baby bottles, water bottles. Cancer and Chemicals In Our Daily Life (BPA, Dioxin)

No more than 10 percent of breast cancers are genetic, and science increasingly points to toxic chemicals and radiation as factors in the sharp rise of breast cancer incidence.
Bisphenol A, or BPA has gotten a lot of bad press lately. BPA is a toxic chemical that is presently perfectly legal for use in food and beverage containers, mainly canned food.

Presently there is a bill that would ban BPA in food and beverage containers . Health Canada released research results showing that BPA was detected in 96 percent of the soft drink cans that the agency tested. Main routes of exposure to BPA is through food and beverage containers. BPA is used as epoxy resin that lines metal food cans and is also found in plastic food storage containers, baby bottles, and water bottles.

BPA can leech into food especially when heated, so do not microwave plastic containers in the microwave. Nearly 200 scientific studies show that exposures to low level of BPA, particularly during prenatal development (during pregnancy) and early childhood (when the kid is particularly infant or still young) are associated with a wide range of adverse health effects later in life, including: breast cancer, prostate cancer, birth defects, infertility in men, early puberty in girls, diabetes, and obesity.

How to reduce your family’s exposure to BPA (Toxic chemical causing cancer):

  • Check your kids’ plastic containers for “#7 containers”
    Many manufacturers have stopped selling baby bottles with BPA, but you may have old plastic bottles that contain BPA. Check the code on the bottom of the plastics and replace “#7 plastics” with glass . Also do not use plastic cups, dishes, utensils and replace them with other alternatives.
  • Choose fresh or frozen food over canned food.
    Soups, beans, infant formula, and other food packages may leech BPA from the can lining,
  • Don’t microwave plastic containers .
    Heat and wear increase leaching of chemicals from plastics.

Try to Google for “BPA and cancer” if you are interested in reading more about this topic.


YouTube: 1930’s Futuristic Fashion Predictions

Posted by editor On May - 29 - 2009

Quite interesting, this is how people in 1930’s think we’re gonna dress in year 2000.


Spiral Design Inspiration

Posted by editor On May - 29 - 2009

Spiral objects can be a great inspiration for designers, especially those dealing with graphics and spatial designs. Above are some pictures of spiral found in natures, human-built and human-made objects. There are more pictures to inspire you here.



Funky Eclectic Chandelier Design

Posted by editor On May - 27 - 2009

Various chandelier designs for a casual furnishing to achieve funky or eclectic effect for an interior space. The first one is designed by Rodi Graumans known as 85 lamp chandelier ( £1,485.00) the second one is called Linea chandelier, the black wireframe chandelier (£138.95) and the rest are known as gypsy chandelier one being colorful (£85.00) and the other one is white in color (£95.00).



SelfShelf An Invisible Shelving

Posted by editor On May - 27 - 2009

These invisible shelving will add an eclectic modern touch to your room interior. To make it appear invisible the designer created these shelves to resembles thick book that can be attached to the wall, hence camouflage the effect of floating books on walls. Dimensions for this fake book shelf: 22 cm x 15 cm x 2,5 cm available in yellow, blue, red for approximately £20.00 each from ductchbydesign.com.


On May 24, 2009 roughly about 300 demonstrators gathered at Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas in Madrid, Spain to fights for bullfight abolition.

Anti-bullfighting demonstrator sits amid others laying covered in fake blood while holding a sign that reads ‘Bullfight abolition’

All photo by Jasper Juinen/Getty Images Europe



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