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Design Inspiration for Nursery and Kids Room

Posted by editor On April - 29 - 2009

I love nursery design project, though I tend to like design for baby girl than for baby boy because there are so many cute objects to match with baby pastel colors. I collect these nursery pictures for my inspiration purposes, enjoy it.

This detail and the above kid’s room in fuchsia color is from the current HGTV 2009 Green Home

source: HGTV


A house furnish with shells for celeb’s wedding decoration

Posted by editor On April - 29 - 2009

I believe this picture is taken on one of celebrity’s wedding. I just want to share this thoughtful decoration – to put sea shells all along exterior walls as decoration, sure it will make you feel not too far from beach. This is a good idea to have beach theme wedding without the beach =)


Spring Beauty is not just for make-up and fashion but also needed for your garden. I have just purchased this beautiful double flower wisteria tree. Prior to my purchase I did some research and found out that the Japanese breed of wisteria to be more attractive than its counter Chinese breed. Perhaps because the Japanese Black Dragon Wisteria capable of making double flower bloom, beside its fragrant is very appealing and pleasant.

Here are some pictures to share on what wisteria flowers look like, I really think it’s a classic beauty for any garden especially if you have big back yard:

This one is a very huge version – it suprised me too that it can get this big but don’t worry it won’t grow as gigantic as this in your backyard.

Above is an example of wisteria vine and flower draping from a balcony

detail of black dragon wisteria’s flower

Some wisteria blooms 2 or 3 times a year but I believe it’s the regular one, not the double flower one. see here.


A House on an Island, Thousand Islands Region New York

Posted by editor On April - 21 - 2009

Wall Street Journal’s “House of the day” feature this fabulous house in New York’s Thousand Islands region. The name says it all, this house really sits on an island, how amazing!
This 4,680-square-foot house is said to be on the market for $1.75 million.

For more pictures please go to:


Brocadehome.com made a comeback

Posted by editor On April - 17 - 2009

Brocadehome.com has made a very stunning entry to the furniture market by introducing a romantic European flare furniture line in the mid-price range. This company happen to be a child company of Restoration Hardware, but since its opening in 2008 has been strugle with several negative customer feed-backs perhaps because of its big summer sale event that cause this company to shut down for several months and displaying its website as follow:

too bad it doesn’t do any customer support so people who ordered at that time has been charged and can’t get any support to what’s going on with their order lots of complaints all over the web regarding this company you can find it here and on pissed customer’s site.
Perhaps it’s quite a challenge to establish a new furniture line during the first few years especially in the economy like this – however I am glad that they made a come back and this time they have a store in NY
here’s their address:
brocade home soho
59 greene st (between spring + broome)
open daily
so should there be any further customer issue at least you can be re-assured to be getting the support and customer service you need because you can just call the store =)

I personally intrigue by their product and perhaps will give it a try in the near future. Here’re samples of their product – got it from bh store catalog, very lovely:

brocadehome.com (bh store)


Pet Society – New Feature: Recycle Bin

Posted by editor On April - 16 - 2009

It’d be my dream if the BANK in petsociety work like real BANK that can give interest and do mutual fund type of investment or Certificate Deposit. When I first saw the recycle bin feature I was so happy cuz I thought HEY I can recycle all my items and I will get 10,000 coins to cash out – due to my clumsiness I miss to read that it actually cashing out an eco prize (eco items) and I realize this when I already put till up to 2,000 recycle points into the bin. Out of my curiousity I did research and found out what these eco items will be and here’s the result from joycediaz’s blog:

so if you’re into getting these items you have to be aware that their real prices really are half of the value written because 1 pet society coins roughly will get you 2 eco coins. And the trick to do is to buy Mystery Boxes especially the small ones and hoping you’ll get something of value and you recycle it a small 50 coins mystery box can earn you up to 400 eco coins, so you’ll be saving even more to get the eco item you want. And another tip your pet’s poo can earn you one coin but if you decide to recycle that poo it’ll earn you 8 recycle points. However if it’s money you want eco items can’t help much because joycediaz’s blog mentioned:

small eco box = 833 sell back price
medium eco box = 1666 sell back price
big eco box 2499 = sell back price

well with that in mind we really need a bank that works like a bank – we put our coins then we can earn interest over time it’s like recycle bin but cash it out in pet-society coins =)

I really hope this message reach the game developer cuz we all want to play for fun and they can earn money buy putting commercials on the game rather than charging us – really! I read on BBC news that they are making money from average user that usually spend $7-$22 dollars monthly on pet society, with 3 million daily users and totaling of 20 million pet society users they ought to be making enough to give us a nice bank features – cuz not everyone is a spender.



Natural Egg Decoration for Easter

Posted by editor On April - 15 - 2009

This is just an awesome idea to decorate egg this Easter season from natural properties such as branches, leaves, flower petals, and natural dyes turmeric for yellow, red cabbage for blue and beets for pink. And the other idea is to use natural element and wrap it with stocking – how creative!



COTTONMONSTER – good for kids?

Posted by editor On April - 15 - 2009

Art of quilting and fabric crafting that totally inspire by monster – can you believe this. It sounded scarry at first but after seeing Jennifer’s creation these monster are so adorable and it reminds me of Monster Inc =)

So if your kids afraid of those terrible monster you might want to let your kids get used to the idea of these cute monster, I don’t know if this will make little kids more comfortable or more agitated – what do you think?

pictures from: cottonmonster.com


Sculptural Furniture Pieces for Interior Space

Posted by editor On April - 11 - 2009

Outstanding sculptured furniture pieces created by David Delthony. His pieces will certainly make the one-of-a-kind statement in an interior space.
These pieces are not only a functional object but also three dimensional art with compelling visual properties to serve as enjoyment.



Glam home office vs Modern home office

Posted by editor On April - 9 - 2009

what type of a home office or work environment suitable for you? Well if you love to work you’d want to make sure you’ll love the room atmosphere because you’ll be stuck for at least 8 hours a day working in that room. Personally speaking I do think work room with soothing colors and good artifacts that have personal attachment to the person using the room would be very important thing to improve one’s job performance. So try to decorate the work room with things you like and you are passionate about to motivate you in the job you’re doing.

According to most effective classroom designers work room should be design to be pleasant as well as effective as to improve one’s performance. However lighting and space play an important part in it. Room that appear to be too cold and not warm enough might not have a good effect for one’s soul hence performance might not be at an optimum level. Small spaces as well as bad lighting will also come in effect.

In conclusion when designing a work room or home office try to make it homey just like designing other room in the house, after all this is more likely to be your second bedroom =)



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