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What to Do About Conficker?

Posted by Smurfette On March - 31 - 2009

What is Conficker?
Conficker, also known as Downadup or Kido, is the latest super virus to spread around the Internet and has security experts in a panic.

The worm isn’t just exploiting a networking hole, however; it features a sophisticated method of cracking administrator passwords, making it difficult to remove, and also copies itself to USB drives so that it can spread even when the online flaw is plugged.

This nasty worm is supposed to be active on april 1st.  Here are some steps that you can take in dealing with this worm:

Your first step should be the tools you already have: Windows Update, to make sure your computer is fully patched, and your current antivirus software, to make sure anything that slips through the cracks is caught.

But if Conficker’s already on your machine, it may bypass certain subsystems and updating Windows and your antivirus at this point may not work. If you are worried about anything being amiss — try booting into Safe Mode, which Conficker prevents, to check — you should run a specialized tool to get rid of Conficker.

Microsoft offers a web-based scanner (note that some users have reported it crashed their machines; I had no trouble with it), so you might try one of these downloadable options instead: Symantec’s Conficker (aka Downadup) tool, Trend Micro’s Cleanup Engine, or Malwarebytes. Conficker may prevent your machine from accessing any of these websites, so you may have to download these tools from a known non-infected computer if you need them. Follow the instructions given on each site to run them successfully. (Also note: None of these tools should harm your computer if you don’t have Conficker.)

As a final safety note, all users — whether they’re worried about an infection or know for sure they’re clean — are also wise to make a full data backup today.

What won’t work? Turning your PC off tonight and back on on April 2 will not protect you from the worm (sorry to the dozens of people who wrote me asking if this would do the trick). Temporarily disconnecting your computer from the web won’t help if the malware is already on your machine — it will simply activate once you connect again. Changing the date on your PC will likely have no helpful effect, either. And yes, Macs are immune this time out. Follow the above instructions to detect and remove the worm.



Cheating Gets Harder As Technology Advances

Posted by Smurfette On March - 31 - 2009

Image Source
I was chatting with my girlfriend this morning. We were talking about her newly released product, which is a really cool smartphone application. We were discussing about how the advance technology is making it harder for people to lie. It is not impossible to lie, but you have to be smart about it and definitely should outsmart the technology.

After that conversation in the morning, I stumbled upon this article in the afternoon. What a coincidence?

The article is about a husband that is caught cheating by his wife because of Google Street View.

Google cheat view

A FURIOUS wife has called in divorce lawyers after spotting her husband’s car parked outside another woman’s house — on Google.

She saw the Range Rover while using the internet giant’s new Street View service to snoop on a female friend’s home.

The hubby had claimed he was away on business, but his missus recognized his motor immediately because of its blinged-up hubcaps.

The love cheat is not the only husband trapped by Google’s controversial new 360-degree photo search which covers 25 cities and towns throughout the country.

Top media lawyer Mark Stephens said: “I was talking about the Range Rover case when another divorce lawyer came up to say his firm was dealing with the same sort of thing. People are getting caught out on Google.

“I suspect the husband’s lawyers will claim it was an invasion of privacy that will cost him his marriage and Range Rover.”

Street View has triggered a stream of complaints from people caught on camera since its launch on March 20.

Google removed some images — including a man sheepishly leaving a sex shop. An office worker was also caught having a crafty cigarette by a No Smoking sign.

And yesterday The Sun told how a fleet of UFOs was spotted on Street View hovering over an East London bookies.


Honesty is the best policy!


Gemma Flutes from Vellum – Sip It Up with Style

Posted by editor On March - 31 - 2009

How do you like to drink with style? If you don’t like it that’s fine but your guests will sure love it. Entertain and surprise your guest with 18K gold etched trim Gemma hand-blown 8 oz. This glass from Vellum is hand-blown by Italian glass blowers, trim hand-etched by Italian artisans. Its design is very lovely kind of remind me of those kings and queens ages and baroque period.


How to Make Small Space Feels Larger

Posted by Smurfette On March - 30 - 2009

This is a Penguin House in Tokyo. It is really small for American standard. It is only the size of a two-car garage. However, the designer managed to make it feel spacious by manipulating light and space.

YouTube link

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French Manicure Modified – Colorful Nails for Spring

Posted by editor On March - 29 - 2009

we all know the classic french manicure such as pictured above: simple elegant all time classic with combination of white top and very pale pinkish skin tone under tone. However it doesnt hurt to modify the classic french manicure into something more spice up for this spring, the season of color. Try grab inspiration from these inspiring french manicure pictures:

Ayumi Hamasaki’s Blue and Blue french manicure – perfect for a day on the beach.

another view of using blue in french manicure. Pictured here blue silver and clear french manicure.

Gold and clear french manicure – perfect for prom spring season especially if your prom or party dress is with a gold tone.

black and white french manicure – bold yet classic!

orange and fruity french manicure with combination of orange and white top and bottom.

Fourth of July french manicure – get that spirit of USA going in your nail fashion. Pictured here using blue, silverish white glitter and red.

Feeling romantic and girlie? Try this Keiko Matsui’s french manicure style by painting flowers on top of a classic french manicure – not too artistic? well don’t worry these days there are so many flower stickers and nail accessories you can even put those bling bling crystals on your french manicure:

Image from: chinarosenail.com

If you feel a little wild then you may try these leopard nails such as wore by Ayumi Hamasaki the Japanese Singer. And try to look at the picture bellow – she even did this nail art on her toe nails.


DIFFA events – my favorite dining by design tables.

Posted by editor On March - 29 - 2009

These designers are very inspirational especially when it comes time for entertaining guests. I have seen many dining by design pictures from magazines and media but bellow I choose some dining table designs I love (note since I love cascading bubble chandelier, most of my picks are dining tables decorate with wonderful crystal or glass bubble chandelier):

2008 DIFFA event, table from Preston Lee & Jennifer Dyer. I just love the bubble cascading chandelier idea.

2008 DIFFA event, table also from Preston Lee & Jennifer Dyer. This is an idea to steal – decorate dining table with red roses – I think this is classic and good for all time entertaining be it a Valentine’s a Christmas day or anniversary celebration.

if I am not mistaken this one is from the 2007 DIFFA’s event, table designed by Elaine Griffin. My all time favorite the romantic glass handblown chandelier. This one is customa made from Suzan Etkin.

a very good combination of yellow, black and white – truly a chic one. I believe the above table is from 2007 DIFFA event for more pictures go here.


Dining table for compact home

Posted by editor On March - 28 - 2009

dining table designed by Marta Antoszkiewicz. This Dining table features modern and sleek minimalist design which fit small living spaces really well. Chairs can be tuck-in and will leave the dining table display as a conserve-space square. Its vibrant combination of red and white make it a really attractive ones.


Fireproof on DVD!

Posted by Smurfette On March - 27 - 2009

Do you remember Mike Seaver in “Growing Pains”, played by Kirk Cameron? I used to love watching that sitcom in the 80’s and Kirk used to be one of my idols!

Kirk’s most recent movie is “Fireproof” and I recently watched it on DVD with a couple of friends. At first I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the movie turned out to be quite good. It has drama, action, and even a bit of comedy. For those of you who are married, this is a must see movie!

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Complete Bikini Workout

Posted by Smurfette On March - 27 - 2009


I like this workout routine because it combines cardio and strength training. It does not use a lot of equipment (only weights which you can easily substitute with water bottles). I don’t like a complicated and long workout, so this 40-minute workout routine works well for me.


P-Mate: Allowing women to pee freely just like a man

Posted by editor On March - 27 - 2009

Women, you don’t have to be afraid of not having real toilet when p-mate is available you can pee anywhere just like men. This is extremely useful during camping, long hiking, or any other situation where you can’t seem to find restroom but you just desperately need to go.
P-mate is clean and hygienic urinating device that allow women to pee freely just like a man, standing up. Now women do not have to squat in privacy to pee – just wear P-mate and pee anywhere!

here’s a product description:

  • Made from recycled materials
  • Made of finely waxed cardboard
  • Quick, clean and leak-proof
  • Fits discreetly in pocket or purse
  • Shaped to the female body form
  • Urethra empties urine from the bladder into the cupped area.
  • And here’s how to use it:

  • Simply pop open the P-Mate and move your panties aside and place the cupped area under the flow area between your legs.
  • Have the funnel facing slightly downwards.
  • Relax and pee.
  • Dispose of in the garbage.
  • source.



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