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How to get a healthy sleep… (sleep disorders)

Posted by editor On January - 18 - 2009

Sleep Disorders is health problem. Do you think putting more hours to sleep could really convince your body that it’s getting enough good rest? Hmm not necessarily,…
How to remedy your sleep disorders? I just found out that good sleep really depends on what time a person go to bed, the earlier the better so here goes the story quoted from Dr. Joe:

Medically, researches have shown that sleeping early has decreased incidence of depression, cardiovascular ds, sleep apnea and among others. In obesity literature, lack of effective sleep is also responsible for higher appetite and increase obesity rate. Other study further indicated that one hour of slept in the early hours is equivalent to two hour of late sleeps. Thus, if you want to be healthy, you can not say that I would hang out until late at night and then slept until late morning. The body can tell a difference and result in poorer health outcomes.

I have worked long and irregular hours during my medical training. My experience and my medical learning convinced me the importance of early to bed and early to rise results in healthier and more productive life.

So now how many of us will switch and start sleeping early, it’s tough when you have babies around or perhaps other responsibilities like graveyard working hours but try to do it whenever possible to get into a healthier lifestyle.


Desginer bag’s crazy price tag

Posted by editor On January - 18 - 2009


I always thought Hermes has the most expensive tags for bags, well it does some even reach 100K just for a bag but indeed other designers has crazy tags too for their very special edition bags. Such as the lovely YSL muse two crocodile bag above, it’s priced the same as you would to buy a car, some car even priced cheaper – ohhh lifestyle… can’t seems to be enough spending there!

and recently LV came out with another special edition bag around spring 2008 called shortly by the name of ‘Jamais’

Special edition Louis Vuitton Richard Prince Monogram Watercolor Aquarelle Ostrich Jamais Bag US$17,800

well the regular version is available, without the ostrich the price is far down =) although it’s still a very expensive tag.

Louis Vuitton Richard Prince Monogram Watercolor Aquarelle Jamais Bag US$3,400

I really like the light pink color in a bag, it reminds me of a very soft pink color in a special hybrid of a rose. I like it even more when it applies to textured material such as ostrich or croco,… but to be honest I feel pity for those animals,… use only to satisfy female’s lifestyle and fashion hunger.


Will Vicks really help you breath better?

Posted by editor On January - 14 - 2009

vaporub vicks

My cousin who’s not long ago become a mom to a baby boy just pass me on this news, well this might be useful especially during cold & flu season like now:

Putting menthol products such as Vicks VapoRub on children to ease their colds may cause breathing problems, according to a report from Wake Forest University.

Dr. Bruce K. Rubin said rather than clearing congestion or easing a cough, it can stimulate mucus production and inflame airways.

“Infants and young children have airways that are much narrower than those of adults, so any increase in mucus or inflammation can narrow them more severely,” he said.

Rubin said that while many people like to use Vicks to treat colds, there is not much data to show that it works. He said it can also cause inflammation in the eyes, mental status changes, lung inflammation, liver damage, constriction of airways and allergic reactions.

After hearing of an infant who had breathing problems after having Vicks put under her nose, Rubin began doing tests in ferrets, which have respiratory systems that mimic infants.

A news release on Rubin’s work noted that the packaging on Vick’s VapoRub already warns against using it on children under the age of 2. And he wants to go further.

“I recommend never putting Vicks in, or under, the nose of anybody — adult or child,” Rubin said. “Some of the ingredients in Vicks, notably the menthol, trick the brain into thinking that it is easier to breathe by triggering a cold sensation, which is processed as indicating more airflow. Vicks may make you feel better, but it can’t help you breathe better.”

Rubin also said that if a child is struggling to breathe, she should be seen by a doctor as quickly as possible. His study appeared in this month’s issue of the journal Chest.




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