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How many of you so into the beach and island life-style, that you want to own one, even at least for just a week period of time if it is unaffordable to own for a lifetime period?


Spending most of your days with serene endless blue sea and warm white sands will surely sounds good, especially if you are looking to be secluded and get that private life going. Well there’s a whole area on private island whether to own one or to rent one.

I came accross this island called Royal Davui, Fiji.
It is our for rent from US$7,200/week


well if it is still within your affordable one, might consider to hold a private event, such as wedding or special gathering in private island, how cool would that be?


not all rent fees are that high there are some that are under $500/wk
check it out here. (I saw something like $89/wk for some island in philiphines)

Here’s my favorite one $4,900/wk for Huvafen Fushi Island Resort, Maldives, Asia. All pictures here:

Above is the Huvafen Fushi Island

Showing one of their out door floatation pool, look like one of those private jacuzzi on the beach.

Showing over the water bunggalows of the island

One of the resort facility at the island

Private dining, can someone please explain to me what’s this effect? is it a fiber optic pool lighting or what? It’s so romantic.

Well isn’t it a world class underwater spa? it’s where you can get that relaxation massage with the true blue ambiance surrounding you. It’s kinda of reminds me of that Ithaa Hilton Maldives Underwater restaurant.

there are more islands listings from all over the world’s areas, if interested check it out for yourself here all pictures and sources are from privateislandsonline.com.


Improv Everywhere: Human Mirror Mission

Posted by editor On August - 30 - 2008

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Don’t get bored – check out Improv Everywhere’s scenes of chaos and joy especially this one: Human Mirror Mission.

Entertain your-self with their experiement, watch this video:

The idea for Improv Everywhere here is to create human mirror effect by filling up a subway train with identical twins. here’s a little description of their mission taken from improveverywhere.com:

We would get on the 6 train at the start of the line at Brooklyn Bridge and the twins would sit on either side of the car, directly across from their sibling. Once in place, their job would be to mirror each other as closely as possible. If one scratches his head, so should the other. If anyone asked them what was going on, they should claim not to notice anything unusual and not to even be able to see their sibling.

2644286635 1d88c239ac

I think it is just so cool, what a thoughtful thing to do and experiement with.

2645107558 784552e4f0

2645111826 2187433783

There are some people in the train/subway that are noticing they’re standing among rows of identical twins. How amazing would that be to get that very first-hand experience surrounded by more than 15 couples (30 identical twins)?

2645112988 468b5cdd0a

some of the people reactions are just hillarious, cuz the twins acted their parts too, within the role and props that they’re given. find out more pictures, more fun comments from: Improv Everywhere – the source that causes scenes of chaos and joy to happen in public places more specifically in New York I guess, since it’s where the group is based at.

2645112358 2c17eb83bb

Thanks to improveverywhere.com


Recommending Ask2link

Posted by editor On August - 26 - 2008


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unusual items – product of human’s invention

Posted by editor On August - 25 - 2008

This dog peek-a-boo thing is kinda cute, right?

Above is a very interesting glass holder tray

A spider resemblance for a crawling reading wall-lamp, won’t you agree that this is quite a cool design for wall-sconce lamp?

Titanic lamp? sinking lamp?


I would want this ladder too for its cool decorative look, but it doesn’t look too assuring though if one can survive standing long enough in that paper-thick ladder.




Finally interesting kitchen gadgets: a cookie mug, a transparent toaster and a banana protector.
I am loving the transparent toaster, would like to get one of those.

source: slighthlywarped.com (many more silly inventions featured here, do visit this site)


Tea cup breed of Yorkies (Yorkshire Terrier) and Maltese

Posted by editor On August - 19 - 2008

These puppies are so adorable, I found them in puppiesforsalebynet.com while checking around for tea cup sizes pet. I spent hours looking into this site, amazed by most of the pictures of these little adorable creatures. Well too bad they’re only pictures, I kind of question if this tiny tea cup will actually ever exist as an adult size tea cup creatures any how this site called superstarpuppies.com give a good measuring guides and discussions regarding the issue.

IMG 9227

IMG 9212

I think puppiesforsalebynet.com is an amazing place if you’re looking for getting a tiny-size or tea cup sizes doggy (they have other breed not just yorkies) but the bad part is their price which is ranging from couple thousands to around five thousands for each, extremely pricey…
and just incase you are wondering to take a look at different place try to check it here.

IMG 0840

staryorkie.com also provide tea-cup sizes =)
and bellow is the maltese tea cup, they’re adorable too

IMG 8328

IMG 9560

Oh I want to visit their boutique (puppiesforsalebynet.com) too bad they’re all the way in Florida!
wouldn’t it be nice to stroll to their boutique if you can’t own them? And another site that collect the tiny tea cup yorkies >> tinyteacuppuppiesforsale.com



Located clearly in the middle of the ocean, not anywhere near a continent – TAHITI a famous honeymooners destination. Very secluded and serene island getaway.


Above is the picture of BORA BORA island, quite a famous one among other Tahiti islands, and Four Seasons already on it ready to open its next resort here around Fall 2008 (in September, I believe)
The resort has 100 over-water bungalows and 7 beachfront villas.

Here are pictures of the Four Seasons resorts, Bora Bora, Tahiti:

bob four season02
Panoramic View of the Four Seasons resort.

bob four season04
Bird’s eye view of the resorts’ over the water bungalows.

bob four season05
Resort view taken from over the inland side.

bob four season06
Another closer panoramic look of the resort with amazing mountains background.

bob four season21

So how does the inside look? check it out:
bob four season08

bob four season09

bob four season10

bob four season11

Standard over-the-water bungalow rate per night is around
86,500 XPF (equal to approximately 1,065 USD)/night
to the three bedroom luxury beach front villa that’s priced for
506,657 XPF/night (or 6,245 USD/night)
Standard Room amenities include:
* CD player
* Down pillows
* DVD player
* Hair dryer
* Hypo-allergenic pillows on request
* In-room safe
* Iron and ironing board
* Multi-line telephone(s) with voicemail
* Refrigerated private bar
* Satellite television
* Tea/coffee maker
* Thick terry bathrobes
* Twice-daily housekeeping service
* Wired or wireless Internet access

bob four season22
It’s a breathtaking place, nice view – really want to go there,…
If any of you know a better deal let me know, this direct fourseason resort price listing is wayyy overpriced =P

bob four season23

Source: etahititravel.com, Four seasons Resort.
For more info on Tahiti travel try to check out this site: tahiti-tourisme.com


Remember The Hanging Gardens of Babylon? It is said to be one among the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. When I took an art history class in my college years, I used to be amazed at these pictures of Hanging Garden and it’s been my dream to be able see this fable garden render in reality.


500px-Hanging Gardens of Babylon

babylon gardenA


hanging gardensx

Well not too long ago I discover a boutique resort rests in Bali by the name of UBUD HANGING GARDEN. Well since the name has a special attachment to me personally, I decided to hit this place for a pre honeymoon get-away. To my suprised, it is such an amazing spot to be, I have a high recomendation for this boutique hotel.

At that time it is just 6 months after opening, so it’s fairly new and other than the access road to reach this hidden treasure I have no other complain. The access road was still a dirt road at that time, but now it’s a fully paved/asphalt road.

Here’re some of the resort’s pictures:

hanging garden 01
Yes you need that heated pool to enjoy the stary clear night and the view of the green foresty valley with the beautifully crafted Hindu temple accross (note: you can only see the temple clearly if you get the panoramic deluxe pool villa)

pubu 524x250 view01

hanging garden 09
That’s the temple, at night it will be wash with soft yellow glow, it’s very pretty.

hanging garden 10
This is the view of the suite from the outside.

hanging garden 02
pubu 524x250 sui villa1

hanging garden 11
And this is what it looks like from the inside.

hanging garden 12
I really do enjoy their open air bathroom, btw the temperature is about 29 degree celcius all year round, so it wouldn’t be a problem to take an open shower.

hanging garden 03

pubu 524x250 pool03

hanging garden 04
pubu 524x250 pool05
Oh their infinity pool, it is the pool with that right view of the lush tropical forest you’ve always want to see and experience.

hanging garden 05
hanging garden 08 pubu 250 stairs01
And yes, I love to play this funicular, cuz it’s just romantic, especially to ride this during the night to the library room, where everything is lit in a soft candelight ambiance lighting.
hanging garden 06

hanging garden 07

For those curious this is their floor plan for a typical bungalow:

pubu 524x492 deluxe pool villa

The rate for Ubud Hanging Gardens is between $270.00 – $537.00/night.


hollywod hair makeover2

You can quit imagining in your mind how do you look if you were to have a short hairstyle or a long hairstyle or a straight versus curls, because you can actually do a virtual mock-up with your own photo, just pick and choose from hundreds of celebs’ hair styles and try it own for yourself. It’ll help render how you look, somewhat with that particular hairstyles you’re trying on. this work even for just changing hair-color to suit your face and skin-tone. Give it a try here.

hollywod hair makeover

source: www.instyle.com


The Compact Circular Kitchen – an award winning design!

Posted by editor On August - 10 - 2008


circular b1

A must have for space limited dwellers. Also quite a breakthrough in design. So, design-lovers might want to get one for the fun of experience it on a first-hand basis.

Main features of this circular kitchen from clever circular kitchen:
1. Relocate-able kitchen, complete with all its facilities.
2. For conviniecen: bottom unit can rotate 180 degrees and top units can rotate 360 degrees.
3. It’s lockable and close-able so you don’t have to show cluttler to your guests.
4. It encorporates its own lighting, electrical sockets and water disposal system.
5. Generous space that “contains the equivalent of twelve cupboards from a conventional kitchen”
6. Can fit for built-in refrigerator, dishwasher, microwafe, coffe machine, cook-top, range-hood.
7. Designed by Alfred Averbeck.
8. Priced between $6,500 – $15,000.


circular kitchen








When I look at MirrorMedia.com and Séura, Inc. producing this cool gadget, I think it’s such a sweet invention to share with, especially if you are an interior design fan, or just a design fan like myself!

It’s basically an LCD TV hidden in the mirror, it’s camouflaging really well so that when it’s not on it’s plainly look just like a mirror, but if you press the on button, then it will start displaying that hidden LCD, it can be for a TV or for a media (as in for computer’s screen)

I find it quite useful if you like a clutter free environment. Because to be honest, TV isn’t an easy item to be incorporated in a good clean-type interor design/staging, especially in a living room that encorporate a fire place to be feature as its focal point.



display mirror 04 h TV-in-mirror


MirrorMedia big

phillips landscape32 large1 phillips landscape32 large2

seura lg

There’s even another cool TV it’s called a holographic TV look at the picture bellow and for more info read here.



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