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Years back before the first all glass underwater restaurant named Ithaa established in Maldives, people already think about underwater / undersea structure for a restaurant establishment. The ‘Red Sea Star’ restaurant located in Eliat Israel was built in 1998. The interior encorporates really nice underwater detail design elements created by ayala serfaty from Aqua Creation.

The Red Sea Star enables you to “sense the sea” through a “dry diving experience” and to discover the magnificent and exciting underwater world of the Red Sea. A breathtaking view of hundreds of various tropical sea creatures in the colorful coral garden is seen through 62 panoramic amorphous windows surrounding the observatory, located five meters below the sea level.

The Red Sea Star is probably the only night-observatory in the world. Our guests enjoy the rare sight of the aquatic kingdom at night, when the underwater garden is softly lit, without disturbing the natural inhabitants.

The Red Sea Star is a “green” project. Our marine life experts and skilled divers have been working for years to save, reconstruct, preserve and nurture the coral reef surrounding the project.

9 ‘red sea star’ underwater restaurant, 1998

wide3 underwater

construction4 design1 food1

This gorgeous underwater shot is the Red Sea Star Restaurant. It looks out in to the coral reef in the tropical resort city of Eilat, Israel. The reef-restaurant combination was actually established by the restaurant management. To get the reef started, they built an iron meshwork and translated many species of broken coral colonies to it. What an awesome place to go and have dinner when you just happen to be traveling through Isreal for the week.

link1, link2.


Auto burglary/theft takes just 90 seconds (Video shows)

Posted by editor On June - 24 - 2008

San Francisco police departments say that there is 1000+ auto burglary incidents per month in San Francisco.

In this real video recording where a real auto burglar was eventually caught, the San Francisco Police Department used a bait car to demonstrate how quickly an auto burglary can occur. They want to warn people to keep valuables out of sight. The suspect in this video was followed by an unmarked police car and quickly arrested.

Ways to reduce the chances of becoming the victim of a car burglary.

— Don’t leave valuables such as laptops, cameras, cell phones, I-Pods or GPS devices in plain view.

— Don’t leave power cords or chargers for electronic devices in plain view.

— Lock all items, including loose clothing or bags containing personal items, in the trunk before parking.

— Lock the doors and roll up the windows. Use an alarm system and/or anti-theft device.

Source: San Francisco Police Department

Link: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2008/06/24/BAT011EBEP.DTL


Underwater dining experience at Hiton Maldives

Posted by editor On June - 24 - 2008

under water restaurant 525x378
[Credit: Hilton Maldives Resort & Spa]

How do you like to dine with fishes all around you? It sounds good to me! You can do it at the world’s first all-glass undersea restaurant in Hilton Maldives.

The Hilton Maldives Resort & Spa has recently opened the Ithaa Undersea restaurant, which is indeed underwater. A blogger at Table of Malcontents seemed rather disgusted at the prospect of dining in an establishment where there were fish swimming around everywhere, but personally I think it’d be pretty cool. The cuisine is described as “Maldivian-Western fusion,” which sounds good to me as long as there’s some tasty calamari on the menu.


The Ithaa Restaurant sits 15 feet below the Indian Ocean, surrounded by the beautiful coral reef. It is encased in clear acrylic, offering diners 270 degrees of panoramic underwater views. The restaurant is reached by a wooden walkway from the nearby over-water Sunset Grill Restaurant, and seats just 14 people for an exclusive dining experience.


link1, link2, link3.


Glass sphere ball – nice pendant design

Posted by editor On June - 23 - 2008


Glass globe pendant recently become very popular with modern edge design demand. Most of the time the glass globes we find are just so plain but these days creativity counts for market. So I found this glass globe texture sphere pendant from and e-mail my friend sent. Hope it can bring inspirations on what’s new on lighting furniture in design.


Barbie online game – cute entertaiment for girls.

Posted by editor On June - 21 - 2008

It’s nice to spend mother-daughter family time by cooking, crafting, perhaps gardening together. However, it might spice things up a little by trying to do a mother-daughter spending time in computer/internet gaming.

Playing internet computer games with your girls can be really educative and fun at the same time. By playing barbiegirls.com and barbie.everythinggirl.com. girls learn to know and use virtual world of internet in a safe – interactive way. These sites provide different games some include readings, some are fun shopping games, or room decoratings. By playing alongside with your daughters, parents are able to educate their children at the same time spending a fun time together.

bellow are snapshots from barbiegirls.com, everythinggirl.com, and pollypocket.com website:







irobot connectr

ConnectR the visual visiting robot is available in 2008 from iRobot coorporation which made Roomba, a vacuum cleaning robot.

With ConnectR, Computer and Internet technology we can easily keep in touch with our love ones regardless how far appart we are. I think this is a nice gadget to have especially when work requires a lot of travel days so parents can keep in touch with their kids. Even if parents always there with their kids, this still can be usefull to use for grandkids and their grandparents or even with other far to reach relatives. Each will cost about $500.00

Here’s all the features & info on how ConnectR works, from iRobot.com:

Stay Connected

Affordable and easy to use, ConnectR enables real-time virtual visits over the Internet. Equipped with high-quality audio and a video camera, the robot is located on-site in the home of the “host” party. Using a computer keyboard, mouse or joystick, the remote (“visiting”) party can drive the robot around and interact with those on-site, virtually participating in activities at home or wherever the device is located (for example, in the home of your grandchildren). The on-site host party can also direct the robot’s movements with a remote control.

Audio and Video

ConnectR features high quality two-way audio and a video camera to connect both parties over the Internet. The camera system provides both wide-angle and close-up viewing. The zoom level is 16.7x from the widest view to the narrowest. In addition, the camera features 220 degrees of tilt, enabling complete control of the viewing angles.

Simple set-up

ConnectR comes complete with everying you need to set it up and get going including the robot, rechargeable battery, self-charging Home Base, remote control, headset microphone, and joystick. ConnectR is quick to install and easy to operate. You need a wireless broadband connection in your home and a Windows XP operating system on your PC. You simply charge the robot and follow the user-friendly set-up instructions to connect it to the wireless network in the home. Then you download the ConnectR software program onto any broadband-enabled PC, which enables you to contact ConnectR and use the robot to virtually visit the home.

Easy to operate


The user-friendly interface lets you connect to and control the robot from any Windows XP-enabled PC. Using a computer keyboard, mouse or joystick, you can drive ConnectR around in any direction to see, hear and interact with whomever you want. The people at home can also use the included remote control to “call” out and connect to you while you are away so that you are always in the loop.

Privacy controls


If the on-site party doesn’t want to be disturbed, the robot’s privacy mode lets them turn off the audio, camera or both.

Safety on the net


Encrypted password protection keeps access to the robot private and secure.

Reach out to many, but you’re in the driver’s seat


You can give up to 10 family members or friends PIN codes to provide them with one-at-a-time access to your ConnectR. So, for example, you could give access to yourself at work, your spouse, each set of grandparents, a far-away sibling, best friend and still have room for more.



BS BrokenHeel 157 heel-less-shoes

Broken heels? Without heels? Need to get ’em fix?

Hmm,… I recommend the ‘Brodway Cobbler’ at 403 Broadway, Milbrae for fixing broken heels, especially if you love your shoes, and it’s a good one.
They did a pretty good job there for a reasonably priced service. Reach them at (650) 692-5155. Another good one to try will be ‘Boat Feet Shoe Repair‘ at 1212 W Hillsdale Blvd, San Mateo, CA 94403. (650) 349-0883.


here’s the cobbler review from YELP.


High heels vs Health : Should women wear heels?

Posted by editor On June - 16 - 2008

I have to agree that high heels certainly make women look more attractive, not just because it elongates their legs but high heel also shaped, designed and colored to make an impact on improving one’s look.

However getting pretty doesn’t come in easy, some might experience consequences of wearing heels such as foot-pain, ankle pain, joint problem, etc. So how far should you go on wearing heels?

As a woman myself, I enjoy wearing heels. But after graduating from college, I paid more attention to my health, it’s good to do this because we’re all growing older, not younger. So should women wear heels? well, I started to wear heels in this manner:

  1. high heels like 3 inches or above will only be wear for occasions that will allow me to sit for a long period of time (such as movie theaters, dinners, meetings, etc)
  2. I made a rule that I have to wear on my flat shoes/flip-flop for the in between time (meaning if I’m going to a wedding, I’ll drive with my flip-flop and walk with it till I arrive at the venue, and make a quick change)
  3. Don’t wear high heels on a daily basis.

I don’t know if that way will help but I’m certain everything that’s too much just isn’t good. Here’s a chart I got just to get rough idea about high heels’ effects. Hope it’s good to know.


here’s other say bout shoes & heels:

So my crazy week culminated with running around like a chicken-with-its-head-cut-off in all day. In high heels.

I had a conference to work at, and I wanted to look ‘professional’ but practical would have been wiser. My feet hurt so bad by the end of the day, I was tempted to walk home barefoot. From now on sneakers are professional.

What amazes me are the outragous high heels some people wear.

Here’s an article on ‘how to walk‘ in high heels which mentions some of the many foot problems associated with heel wearing. Not mention the possible knee problems related to high heels.

Sonya Bata apparently claimed that “Shoes hold the key to human identity” . If so, my identity is going to be flat soled.




Travellers – ICE BAR around the world

Posted by editor On June - 15 - 2008

Trendy Ice Bar, popular among celebrities, bar hoppers, and travellers. Ice Bars unique and cutting edge concepts invite visitors to experience the extraordinary ice interior and ice sculptures. It’s certainly a must to explore, more about ice bar bellow:

Icebar Tokyo
ABSOLUT ICE BAR, Jukkasjärvi, Sweden
Icebar Jukkasjärvi

After Jukkasjärvi, Stockholm and Milan, London is the location for UK’s only permanent ABSOLUT ICEBAR, which has also been followed by recently opened Tokyo. Cocktails served in ice glasses made from the crystal clear waters of the Torne River, regarded as the purest ice in the world; Since the London opening in October 2005 They have received a record number of visitors and caused a stir with press worldwide.

For the generation of us that are looking for something alittle more cutting edge than a night in a bar, Bellow Zero restaurant sits snugly alongside ABSOLUT ICEBAR LONDON which allows the customers the unique experience of freezing temperatures before releasing them into the sumptuous interior of Below Zero to enjoy the delights of modern cuisine. Below Zero and ABSOLUT ICEBAR have not only become the place to be but have also attracted manya celebrities, such as Robert De Niro, Craig David, G4, Jade Jagger, Lisa Scott Lee, Leah Wood to name but a few. Ends.

Stockholm, Sweden
London, U.K.
Icebar stockholm Icebar london
Copenhagen, Denmark
Icebar copenhagen

The unique ABSOLUT ICEBAR COPENHAGEN in central Copenhagen celebrates its fi rst anniversary
in April. To mark the occasion, it has undergone an artistic transformation with about 40 tonnes of freshice from Northern Sweden.

Since its launch in April 2007, ABSOLUT ICEBAR COPENHAGEN has established itself as one of the
absolutely most unique bar experiences in Copenhagen. The magical ice universe has attracted thousands of enthusiastic Danish and international guests, all of whom have had the opportunity to enjoy ice- cold vodka drinks in a marvellous setting that is unparalleled in Denmark.

Based on the theme, “Water Drops”, the Swedish artists, Anders Eriksson and Anders Rönnlund have created a space with a powerful interplay between light and dark. A number of evocative lighting effects in cool green and blue tones create an intimate experience of being surrounded by ice. One of the new elements is an ice sculpture that is realistically formed like a shower cabinet which guests can enter, thereby sparking associations to the coldest shower imaginable.

source1, source2, source3.


Celery Diet

Posted by editor On June - 13 - 2008

I’m digging more info on celery diet due to that confusing part of celery on my celebrity diet post last time which is commented by chikwendu. Some people refer to taking celery as giving you negative calories intake. Here’s more information on celery diet, whether you should go ahead on doing it or not, read more and find out:

Something you shouldn’t go on. Celery has next to no nutritional value… people eat celery because they actually get “negative” calories. Celery itself doesn’t contain many calories, and in the process of chewing the celery, you actually burn off more calories than you take in. If you’re thinking about dieting, diet sensibly with proportion control and adequate cardio.

The reason a celery diet works is because celery does not give you any nutrition but by digesting it you burn calories so you could call it a workout with out pain.

more to read:

Celery is much more than a traditional summer salad ingredient. Available throughout the year, a little research on celery shows this versatile vegetable has very real health benefits and is worth adding to your weekly diet.

Research has shown that celery contains blood pressure reducing properties. Celery contains active compounds called Pthalides which relax the muscles of the arteries that regulate blood pressure allowing these vessels to dilate. Pthalides also reduce stress hormones which can cause blood vessels to constrict.

Celery is an excellent source of Vitamin C with all its health benefits. Vitamin C can help to reduce cold symptoms or the severity of cold symptoms during the winter months. This important Vitamin helps to support the immune system and is a cold fighter!

Celery also provides fibre (see High Fibre Diet), and essential minerals such as Folacin and Potassium.

Nor surprising then that Celery has a long history of use, first as a medicine and then later as a food.

Celery can obviously be eaten on its own but is also a tasty addition to many cooked dishes: stir fry dishes, soups, stews and casseroles.

Nutritional Information from the WLR database
Celery, Raw, Average
1 Med Stalk/40g

Calories 3.1
Protein 0.3
Carbs 0.4
Fat 0.1
Fibre 0.6
Fruit/Veg 0.5

source1&2, source3. related post.



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