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4th of July Sweet Treats

Posted by editor On July - 5 - 2013Comments Off on 4th of July Sweet Treats

Happy Fourth! I’m uplifted by just looking at all these sweet treats. I know I shouldn’t have them but it’s probably OK just to consume it for eyes only 😉

Inspiring cupcakes for fourth of July celebration:

Happy 4th of July everyone, have a safe celebration!


Toxic vs Eco Baby and Children Play Mats

Posted by editor On July - 1 - 2013Comments Off on Toxic vs Eco Baby and Children Play Mats

I really want these colorful alphabet play mats. Last time I saw packs of these at Costco run for about $40.00 a box.
Then I am just curious for its safety so did a little research on it.

Found out that in February 2011 Australia put a probe on EVA foam play mats soon after Belgium pulled out this product in late 2010 followed by France (source – news.com.au). Apparently these made-in-China foam contains:

1. Ammonia

Briefly about it: Ammonia is a strong, colorless gas. If the gas is dissolved in water, it is called liquid ammonia. Poisoning may occur if you breathe in ammonia. Poisoning may also occur if you swallow or touch products that contain very large amounts of ammonia. Ammonia gas can decompose at high temperatures forming very flammable hydrogen and toxic nitrogen dioxide. (source)

2. Formamide

Highly corrosive on contact with skin or eyes and may be deadly if ingested. Inhalation of large amounts of formamide vapor may require medical attention.It is also a teratogen. Formamide should never be handled without proper safety attire including gloves and goggles. There is a small risk of decompostion into hydrogen cyanide and water. (source)

Each of these could be inhaled or ingested especially for baby who loves to put everything into their mouth, especially their hands (and those little hands touch everything), health risks include:

– eye and skin irritation
– reproduction problems
– fetal development problems
– potential cancer risks

After discovering such a hazardous component made up that baby mats I decided to look for something else.
My main area is tile so it’s too hard for my baby who’s not an expert walker yet and being in winter season here down under is pretty cold.

Luckily the other day when I went to Costco here they carry an eco friendly  kid’s play mat called Dwinguler. I’ve been trying to look into its further safety but so far has not heard any concern. The Dwinguler matt is made in Korea and apparently almost 80% of Korean household that has children has this. This is a picture of the material used in this foam (Acryl, Urethane, Resin Foam):

And it’s quite attractive as well with many patterns:


Easy Hair Extension – Fashion Your Head with No Damage

Posted by editor On June - 30 - 2013Comments Off on Easy Hair Extension – Fashion Your Head with No Damage

About three to four months after giving birth I have my hair loss moment, this is typical you all mothers know it. So hair loss combine with the busy life of taking care of the little one I just can’t stand my long hair anymore. I love it so much but I have to say bye bye to my beloved long hair just for practical reason, so I ended up getting rid about 20 inch of hair length. Now that baby isn’t so little anymore and I’m getting back to my regular pace again I miss my long hair style but I can’t have it overnight, I think last time it took me about seven years to reach that length (my hair is all the way to my waist, just sit a little bit top of the butt line).

I had experience putting in a hair extension through the professional, where you go to your hair dresser and they did this permanent knob of gluing your original hair to the human hair extension that you buy. The process is time consuming (at least four hours) and then the care is difficult (because you have to wash your hair along with the extension, sometimes the extension will fall apart if you’re not careful) and it’s very expensive. Yes to take it out again you’ll have to go to the hairdresser, so it’s not flexible and it’s not easy.

So after browsing online about extension method I found many brands that sell ready to clip hair extension, they look like this:

And if you aim for most natural look you will want to look for clip in hair extension that is 100% human hair (cliphairaustralia.com sell one like that or you can try Foxy Locks, VPfashion or Luxyhair). The good thing about clip hair extension is you can be short and long at the same time (two different style easy to achieve without the wait and the damage) and you might want this because short hair is practical, easy to maintain but long hair is just gorgeous and add that little feminine touch to us women. This is the tutorial to put on hair extension for those with shorter hair:

You can also use hair extension to create highlight and add style without damaging your hair with harsh chemical, here’s the tutorial I found from youtube:

All above tutorial use hairspray and backcombing but if you want to skip the hairspray feel free to do so (I always do this because I dislike putting chemicals on my body parts that include my head)


Coffee Art Design

Posted by editor On June - 29 - 2013Comments Off on Coffee Art Design

Food and drink can be so much fun with a totally new ingredient: CREATIVITY!
I’d love to share these pictures for inspiration.

kazuki yamamoto’s creation:

Kazuki Yamamoto is a Japanese native latte artist famous for his 3D foam creation. The currently 26 year old artist now working as a barista in Cafe10g in Osaka, but he dreams of opening his own cafe in Tokyo one day. for more pictures follow him on his twitter and see his uploaded pictures here.

A great art depicting how hard it is to prepare your coffee.
Couple inspiring coffee cup designs:

Sweet couple: Coffee and Chocolate – they goes well together.

Very cute design, encourage great marketing. Tempted to order more?

Design totally transfer matter from ordinary to extraordinary. Sometimes all it need is a good tweak.
pictures posted on Femtalk’s Pinterest board.


Stealing The Classic Hermès Look

Posted by editor On June - 28 - 2013Comments Off on Stealing The Classic Hermès Look

With the price tag of US$10,300 for a 35 Togo Birkin and US$8,500 for a 32 Kelly Togo Retourne surely it is a statement of wealth and status symbol for one wearing it (for complete Hermès price guide see it here and here. The design for the Birkin and Kelly has been a timeless classic, although quite simple and streamlined in its approach many ladies brag about how beautiful and iconic it is. Other designers also try to achieve the look-a-like Hermès because of its popularity. Has it been successful? Yes and No. Most women will demonized those who try to sell a copy cat version while other perfectly happy with it. And those that portray the look-a-like but still has original touch will gain popularity in different target market.

Cellerini is an Italian based company with high quality leather with high quality craftsmanship that makes beautiful leather products. Some of its women’s bags selections offer a similar flare to Hermès bags such as Lindy, Kelly and Birkin. Below is a sample of its Lindy (blue) compared to the original Hermès Lindy (Brown):

The obvious different is Cellerini does not have the enclosing buckle instead just a plain zipper all the way through.
Other companies decided to just embrace the similar approach but not quite a total copy cat version. Here’s one Birkin inspired by Saint Laurent, a France based company:
Saint Laurent Sac Du Jour mini leather tote ($2,550.00, Summer 2013)

And here’s a Kelly inspired by Marc Jacobs, an American based company:
Marc Jacobs 1984 textured-leather shoulder bag ($1,495.00, Summer 2013)

Salvatore Ferragamo Fara Front-Flap Satchel Bag in Cyprus ($1,950.00, Fall 2012):

Bayswater in Leather by Mulberry:

Here’s how the original mini Kelly Pochette look like:

And this is the look of Lady lock python briefcase clutch from Gucci ($2,390.00, Fall 2013):

Gucci’s Lady lock clutch has a slightly bigger size than the mini Kelly, but with mini Kelly’s price tag of $4,675.00 (regular leather, croc leather will be around $18,000.00) one might consider getting Gucci’s Lady lock for almost half the price in exotic python skin (regular leather $1,590.00).

If the look that matter, not aiming for a social symbol, then there are many options available to get that Hermes classic look without the Hermes price tag and its notorious long waiting time. After all Hermes is loosing its exclusivity these days due to so many people wearing it.


Amazing Designer Light Installations

Posted by editor On June - 24 - 2013Comments Off on Amazing Designer Light Installations

The above installation entitled CLOUD was conceived by a Calgary artist Caitlind Brown, her project was made from six thousand light bulbs along with its string switch cascading down engaging viewers to participate by pulling each string to turn on and off the light bulb. This installation was part of the nuit blanche all-night contemporary arts festival in Calgary, Canada.

Above is the most romantic lighting display, creating an ethereal experience for one walking through this massive light shower structure. The light installation by Bruce Munro in the Salisbury Cathedral was completed in 2010,  with over 600 installers 2000 strands of fiber optic cable with a teardrop diffuser at the end, this lighting installation showcase beautiful rain drop of stars. Sadly the viewing only last from 29 November 2010 until 27 February 2011.

What a fantasy world, the above lighting display reminds me of AVATAR. Close to nature setting, the lighting installation was by Bruce Munro for Eden Project in Cornwall, England. Sadly the lighting display has recently closed (March 2013). The installation was comprised of 6,000 acrylic stems with fiber optic cables that represent light flowers or seeds that “blossom” at night.


Kastor A Designer Pencil Sharperner

Posted by editor On June - 16 - 2013Comments Off on Kastor A Designer Pencil Sharperner

Very cute and sleek: beaver pencil sharpener by Rodrigo Torres Kastor for Alessi
Produced in 2013, this chrome plated sharpener available in the market for around US $49.99 or EUR 37.00.

Here’s a little close up, look at that cute mouth hole, ready to chomp down your pencil 😉


Vitamin Shower – Easy DIY Shower Filter System

Posted by editor On June - 16 - 2013Comments Off on Vitamin Shower – Easy DIY Shower Filter System

All moms would agree that the most relaxing and comforting time is actually in the shower. It’s what IKEA ad campaign refers to as “ME-ing” and I simply call it : ME time.

Sadly, no matter how enjoyable it is most of us would not stay too long in a hot water shower or bath, because it can cause dryness to skin. I used to feel the itch after a hot shower and skin dryness follow there after, this is especially true during winter time. However I definitely notice a difference between having a shower filter install versus not. Last time I installed a simple chlorine filter attached to my shower head and notice my skin, especially in the face, is smoother and of course my hair is not as coarse.

I’m not very picky about which shower filter to install so a simple chlorine filter work just fine. The installation however is quite bothersome because the connection between the shower head and the filter doesn’t work too well resulting in water splash in between it even though I already did the rubber like plumbing tape around the joint. So this time around when I have to buy a new filter I decided to do a little research on best DYI shower filter and have to be easy install.

I discover this shower filter called the vitamin shower, quite doubtful at first because how do you suppose the filter will work just by having the water go through a dose of vitamin C powder? After a further read I discovered that Vitamin C does not hold chlorine, it neutralizes chlorine from an element into a harmless compound, so in other words it is a water de-chlorination agent. I thought this is great because we all accustom to consuming vitamin C so it should not do further harm to us if we are just merely splashing it to our body.

So I tried using this new vitamin shower filter, simply love it. Not only it doesn’t dry my skin but it is also easy to install and no more water leek from between the shower and the pipe. Here’s a peek to my vitamin shower:

You can see the vitamin C powder inside this translucent shower head pipe, generally it’s time to change when there’s no longer powder but just water in that orange pipe. Pretty convenient and easy to install, that’s the best thing I like about this filter.


Be Informed Prior To Vaccinate Your Little Ones

Posted by editor On June - 11 - 2013Comments Off on Be Informed Prior To Vaccinate Your Little Ones

I never question anything about vaccine and always trust authority figures until I have my own baby and a friend of mine happen to suggested me to not vaccine my baby too early due to various reasons. She then candidly shared her personal experience with me in where her daughter a young mother just like any other new young mothers: trust their doctors and think that whatever their pediatricians say is the best.

So her daughter vaccinated her grandson at the age of nine months and thereafter this little baby boy came down with severe fever. It was a severe adverse reaction to a regular flu vaccine in where later the baby boy ended up paralyzed and unable to move any more of his muscle as normal from the neck down. Of course I felt very devastating upon hearing the tragedy, which later lead me to inquire further about vaccine topics and hopefully bring awareness to young mothers and new parents to really know what they opt for before they decide to vaccinate their young ones.

Quite a favorite past time blog of mine called “MamaNatural” written series of posts on Vaccine:
this is her introduction to vaccines and you can find all complete post of vaccines topic here.

And I also happen to have a co-worker who gave birth just a couple of months earlier than I did and at that time when we spoke about babies and vaccine she told me she’ll wait to vaccinate her son because she just saw this award winning documentary on vaccine, called “The Greater Good Movie” and suggested that I should take a peek into it.

Of course I later watched it and thought it was not only very educative, but highlight other people’s personal stories on vaccine’s tragedy, quite heart breaking but nevertheless it bring about a new take and awareness on educating parents out there about vaccine. Hence would like to share with all of you:

You can download the streaming for $5.00 or buy the DVD for $20.00

For those wanting to watch more documentaries on vaccine there are another one called “Vaccine Nation” and “Vaccine Wars” and if you are keen to look for these videos you can always do a YouTube search sometimes they are available other times taken out due to copyright issues.

Note: the picture above is a screenshot taken from “The Greater Good Movie”


In Search For The Perfect Bed

Posted by editor On June - 8 - 2013Comments Off on In Search For The Perfect Bed

I have had my bed since when I am in college. After marriage my husband has his bed and I have my bed so we thought it’s not necessary to buy another bed. So after all those years we still sleep in what we think is a decent firm mattress. Little did we know that mattress with springs is not desirable at all. Here’s a quote from scientificamerican.com written by R. Douglas Fields, Ph. D. who is the Chief of the Nervous System Development and Plasticity Section at the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development to let you think further whether or not you should change your mattress:

Thus, as we sleep on our coil-spring mattresses, we are in effect sleeping on an antenna that amplifies the intensity of the broadcast FM/TV radiation. Asleep on these antennas, our bodies are exposed to the amplified electromagnetic radiation for a third of our life spans. As we slumber on a metal coil-spring mattress, a wave of electromagnetic radiation envelops our bodies so that the maximum strength of the field develops 75 centimeters above the mattress in the middle of our bodies. When sleeping on the right side, the body’s left side will thereby be exposed to field strength about twice as strong as what the right side absorbs.

If this study is correct, the solution is simple: Replace the metal in our beds with a nonmetallic mattress or orient your bed, like an antenna, away from the direction of the local FM/TV transmission tower. Call it high-tech feng shui if you like, but if this new study has not identified the cause of left-side cancer, it will, for some, be the cause of insomnia.

With the whole moving across continent we decided to pack light so mattresses are first thing to be off from our list. I am so happy to finally be able to buy new mattress and we decided to look for the organic, environmentally friendly mattress that help promote good health not the one with metal in it which can increase the chances of one developing a cancer. Most importantly for now one that can help us rest well because we spend at least six to eight hours everyday on bed so it would be silly not to invest in a good mattress.

Here down under we only find one company that does what we are after. Natural Bedding, a Sydney based family owned and operated company able to provide bedding with combination usage of natural latex, coir (rubberised coconut fibre core), and or pure australian down wools for filling materials and for coverage they use no harmful chemicals or glue, instead they hand stitched all these materials inside a 100% cotton cover.

Pictured above is my king sized bed. We opted for “supreme” type which is composed of coir in the center then sandwiched with latex and wool. After weeks sleeping in it I can say it makes a difference, at least my back pain is no longer there. For those who doesn’t like the firm mattress one grade softer is what is called the deluxe, pictured below is the composition of the deluxe bed you can see the latex layer is much thicker than the one in supreme.

If you co-sleeping with your baby it’s good to have the set up low like mine above but if that’s an issue then try to look for wood based bed furniture as it’s much friendlier and healthier for you as suppose to the metal frame ones.

They also carry baby mattress for baby’s crib, basically just coir and wool. It’s always good to let your baby sleep on harder surface for their back bone development. Here’s a sample of it I’m holding in the store:



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